Pain in the Rain

Nine showed for some pain in the rain.


Arm rotations for a minute.
SSH x20
Mountain Climber x20
Said imperial storm trooper but meant windmill, so we did 10 windmills and went straight to the imperials cause there’s no real workout without them both.


Mosey a short distance to the bottom of Raddington hill. Sprint to the top for 10 burpees and sprint back down.

Mosey over to the prison yard but decided to stop at the playground for 10 quick chin ups.

15-10 fast transition slower paced full range of motion circuit:

Wide Merkins
Diamond Merkins
Jump squats
Ww2 sit-ups
Run one lap around prison yard between sets.

Don’t know what to call this, who cares cause it was tough. Used one full tennis court and completed 4 different exercises. Long ends were lunges and broad jumps. Short ends were hand stand fence walks (experimental…. Balls to the wall and spider crawl about 25 yards) Other end was burpee broad jumps. We did that until the bell rang at 0610.


Women’s Fitness version of the pretzel crunch 10 each side
The W 10ic
The squirm 20ic
Low flutter 20ic

Tough workout guys, way to push to the end especially @mandown who went crazy on his last set of broad jumps.

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  1. Man Down

    Great beatdown as usual Striker! Growler, Kung Fu Panda, and Redline, great to see you guys all sticking with this!

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