I'm Probably Going to Regret This

Wow! Hickory Grove Baptist Church’s main campus has a lot to offer. So much so that YHC had a hard time narrowing down the workout plan.  Don’t think we’ll get bored here any time soon.

4 pax posted in the gloom to scale some hills and chuck some wood.


After a final decision by YHC, mosey to behind the sports field’s maintenance shed.

  • SSH x15.
  • Merkin x10.
  • IST x10.

Step over to the wood stack and pick out a personal sized log for a coupon.  Thanks to whoever took down the massive tree and chopped it up into manageable portions.

  • Curls x10.
  • Overhead Press x10.
  • Tricep Extension x10.

Mosey back to the parking lot with coupons.  Boy, those logs get heavy fast!

The Thang:

At the bus stop, drop coupons and do:

  • Dips x10.
  • Decline Merkins x10.

Pick up coupons and mosey to the very steep hill next to the Family Life Center. Drop coupons.

  • 4 minutes of Quadraphilia: Backwards up the hill, forward down the hill.
  • LBC x20.
  • Oblique Crunch x20.
  • WWII Situps 10 OYO.

Slide over to the stairs for partner wheel barrows up, run the length of the hill, down the hill, then back to the start.  Repeato until each partner climbs the stairs 3 times.

The Regret: Backwards Spider-man Merkins up the stairs. One time is plenty.

Run down the stairs, pick up the coupons and overhead carry them to the next parking lot.

The Johnathon Stewart: football carry the log and sprint to the other end of the parking lot towards the sports field.  Distance: well over 100 yards. (How big are the parking lots? They have bus stops to shuttle people to the fellowship hall).

Overhead carry the coupons back to the wood pile and give them a good chuck.

Mosey back to cars.

Stretch and Mary:

  • Shoulder Rolls forward and back.
  • Neck Rolls.
  • Chest Press Fling x 10.
  • Forward Fold, Half-Forward Fold.
  • Mason Twist x10.
  • Crunchy Frog x10.
  • Homer-to-Marge Merry Medly: Includes Homer-to-Marge, Low Dolly, and Low Flutter.
  • Ball, Revolved Abdomen R/L.


  1. YHC said he ways probably going to regret calling the Reverse Spiderman Stair Merkins.  He was right.
  2. YHC thought about doing quadraphelia with the coupons, but decided against it when he saw how steep the hill was.  #ItWasMiserableAnyway
  3. As @Babyface pointed out, going with a smaller coupon is usually the wisest choice.  Anyone who has done Jack Webbs knows how heavy air can be after a bunch of reps.  Coupons are the same way.
  4. T-claps to @Thickburger: FNG last week in Harrisburg, posted Monday in Franklin, TN, then today in the Boondocks. #NoExcuses
  5. Those brand new bleachers on the sports field looked inviting.  Looking forward to all this AO has to offer. @Ichabod has the Q next week and is already scheming.



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  1. Thick Burger

    I am hurting over here, but it hurts SO GOOD!!

    I will get those reverse spiderman stair merkins one day!

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