The Morning After at Silver Bullet

Talk about wild and crazy bachelor parties! Big Joe (Dulaney) is gettin married next weekend and threw a whiz bang adult bachelor party Friday night. Saturday morning was difficult for some since their FSRQ (Fart Sack Resistance Quotient) was reduced significantly by the fun and games and, of course, DEMON RUM. DA and YHC hobbled in to the station in a timely manner. DeMille made the argument against underage drinking. He clearly could not keep up with the older guys.

The Thang:
Good Morning X 15
SSH X 15
Windmill X 15
SSH X 15
Imperial Walker X 15
SSH X 15
Mountain Climber X 15
SSH X 15
Low, slow brick squats
SSH X 15

Next, Money announced that we would do a Chew Baca with bricks. Upon close questioning. we discovered that he actually had called a TABATA (from Japan, not the Empire)! To avoid confusing the PAX in the future, we have named this exercise THE MONEY MAKER.

Curls with bricks AMRAP for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds X 8 Repitions
Overhead Press with bricks – ditto
Tricep Extensions with bricks – ditto

Mosey the bricks over to the Rotunda
11’s: Step Ups. 50 yard run, Merkins

Mosey bricks home for a few minutes of Mary
Russian Twist with bricks X 25
Heels to Heaven X 15
Double Protractor
Dolly X 15
Rosalita X 15

DA Stretches

The Naked Moleskin
We certainly got a lot of Money for our time. Sad about DeMille. He would have really enjoyed the Momey Maker. We, on the other hand, missed the sound effects DeMille incorporates into his stream of consciousness movie. DT tried, but does not yet have the knack. Next time we will assign a battle buddy to DeMille when he goes to parties with the older guys so he will get his workout done the next morning. It’s a challenge to keep up with the mature PAX. Clapton was quiet as usual – maybe next time he is Q he will bring his quitar and sing us a ditty. DA just quietly plugs away. Clearly learned how to hold his liquor when he was a banker.

A special thanks to Do Re Mi for bring Money the bricks to use as he saw fit.

DeMille – we actually missed your youthful exuberance. Hope to see you this coming Saturday.

Great job, Money. Thank you.