La force du pallette

8 PAX it was.
Warmup: Mosey to Rehab Center
20 SSH (IC)
20 Mountain Climbers (IC)
15 Cotton Pickers (IC)
15 Merkins (IC)
Short burst of High Knees, Karaoke, Butt Kickers

Thang: Mosey back to ASEC and grab a pallet. Carry to lower parking lot.

3 rounds were completed
Group exercise one each time
(20 burpees, 15 8 count body builders, 30 Merkins)
Group tire race groups of 3,3&2
Flip tire 50 feet around come and back.
Each pax grab a pilot and run too “Lava Crossing” (back of ASEC near back lot)
We laid each pallet down as a stepping stone to cross lava river. Front pax laying pallet and back pax removing pallet.
Once complete grab a pallet and continue our run around ASEC and repeato.

Homer to Marge
Brazilians 20
Upward Dawg

Mole Skin:
Great fun and just fyi a pallet is heavy when running but we learned quickly some are heavier than others. The lava crossing could become a regular exercise. Fun Fun Fun! We also had the pleasure of Bay City providing his comments as he is now the “Plank Police” Advised that my plank resembles a Carolina Dry Dock but at least I didn’t stop the plank minutes early.
I enjoyed my Q today and will miss our workouts the next 3 weeks. Stay strong!