Davis Lake has officially launched!

When I arrived today around 6:40am (EARLY), I noticed three men in the parking lot stretching and wondered how many men would show and most importantly, how many FNGs would show.  YHC as well as the rest of the men of MECA had been working on EHs for about a month and today was the day to see them pay off.  I also noticed a lonely shovel flag atop the hill and wondered who it belonged to.  No one claimed it at the time.  Then the cars started to pour in.  By the time I gave my disclaimer, 53 men had decided to take the red pill and join us in the inaugural beatdown and launching of F3 Davis Lake!


Mosey around the clubhouse to the other end of the parking lot.






The Thang:

Partner Up

Since my @Tradition brothers made such a strong showing at the Davis Lake launch and today is the last workout day of the month (unless you’re training for the BRR), I decided to add some Curl-Ups AMRAP for 1 minute into the mix.  Flapjack!

With same partner, mosey to the bottom of the first hill…this is where things got confusing and I was told the #chowderizing began.

Series 1

Partner 1 does plank jacks while partner 2 performs the following series:

20 Merkins at the bottom of the hill, then run to the top.  Burpee broad jump across the parking lot, run up the second hill, then 20 Carolina Dry Docks at the top of the hill.  When partner 2 is done, they then switch to doing plank jacks while partner 1 performs the exercises partner 2 just completed.

Reverse to come back down the hill (both partners).

Series 2

Partner 1 does mason twists while partner 2 performs the following series:

30 LBCs at the bottom of the hill, then bear crawl to the top.  Lunges across the parking lot, bear crawl up the second hill, then 20 squat jacks at the top of the hill.  When partner 2 is done, they then switch to mason twists while partner 1 performs the exercises partner 2 just completed.

Reverse to come back down the hill (both partners).

At this point, the Pax looked like they needed a break…so they got one for one more round of one minute curl ups AMRAP!

It was around this time that @Major Pain yelled something about rocks.  Perfect timing!  Mosey to the rock pile and pick up a rock that you’ll be proud of (some men ignored the proud part).  Circle..er oval…er amoeba up!

Shoulder presses x20

Skull crushes x 20

Bicep curls x 20

Chest presses x 20

Rock offset merkins x 10 per arm

Squats x 20

Find partner and perform the following:

Partner 1 does 10 shoulder presses before doing 20 squats while partner 2 does 10 curls before 20 dips.  Partner 1 then flapjacks with partner 2 AFTER they do 10 curls and partner 1 does 10 shoulder presses.  Repeat the series one more time before putting the rocks back.

Mosey through tunnel to the lake riddled with presents left for us by the geese.

5 One-legged burpees with each leg.

Mosey to awesome field we probably should’ve used for most of this but I wasn’t sure if we could (thanks for redirecting @Cinderblock) for Mary:

Pax led Mary:

Low flutter (@Skipper)

The Turtle??? (@Skipper)

Homer to Marge (@Jelly)

*I might be missing a few…sound off if you remember*


BOM led by @ManDown


FNGs and/or EHers, please send contact information to f3davislake@gmail.com to be added to the distribution list.

Want to Q at Davis Lake?  Sign up here

The Bear is one week from today…10 miles with pain stations at various MECA AOs

If you’re NOT doing the Bear, come to Davis Lake next Saturday for a beatdown!

Exhausted Moleskin:

I was really surprised by how many men posted this morning and by how tired I am afterwards.  When we were counting in unison during warm-up, it was really cool and also really scary.  Leading a workout with that many men in attendance was crazy, but it was the emotional aspect of today that wore me out.  I was thinking about guys like @Dingo that started planting the seed in my head back in the fall and all the conversations we’ve had leading up to today…our MECA Nan’tan @Chowder who encouraged me and provided words of wisdom whenever I had questions…@Moses who gave me some direction and EH’d me into this craziness…@Skipper who apparently loves launches and helped send emails to potential FNGs and kept me in the know when life got busy, @Cinderblock who made a shovel flag for Davis Lake without being asked…just because…@Jelly, @Dutch, etc….the list goes on.  As @Chicken Strip said to me afterwards, these are the moments to remember during the not so fun times that might be ahead…the potential Paxless mornings or when I’m missing my @Tradition family.  It’s moments like these that encourage me to EH the man that needs F3 in his life and doesn’t know it yet as well as find more men like the ones that supported me and the Davis Lake AO launch this morning.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude by the actions that culminated into today’s launch and hope to pay it forward by sharing this thing with as many men as I can until it becomes a ‘problem’ and another split is necessary.  What we have is too good not to give away.


The Farm



10 thoughts on “Davis Lake has officially launched!

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    I enjoyed it @Farm. I will definitely come back. You will be missed at Tradition, but you are the right man for the job.

  2. Buckwheat

    Great job this morning w/ such a large crowd @TheFarm. I enjoyed it too and echo @ForgottenJelly’s comments. Love the AO, lots of options! I will definitely stop in from time to time to show a little Tradition love! Working on an EH that lives around the corner. He was out of town this morning. Hope to get him out there this week!

  3. Dingo

    Absolutely awesome start for F3DavisLake!! So proud of you @The Farm! You are the right man for the job! And you have a lot of support brother. Remember the guys who showed up this morning, they want to help. Everyone of them is willing to come and Q a beatdown for you. Start asking, they won’t say no.

    Awesome to finally see King Julian, Preamble and Piston join the F3 ranks!

  4. Chicken Strip

    Great launch!! A big thank you to everyone involved, especially The Farm and all the FNGs. I look forward to seeing all them again on Tuesday! Maybe the Skipper and I can coordinate a run into the AO. Looking forward to Qing, lots of options.

  5. Man Down

    @Farm – That was a big, chatter box crowd (of which I had no part) and you handled it well bro! You’re gonna be a great Master Q!
    @King Julian, Piston, and Preamble – Welcome brothers!
    @Caddyshack – Glad you came out with me today man! Now time to start one of these in Blairsville, GA!

  6. Skipper

    Ahoy! Excellent work @TheFarm! Nothing like an easy 53 pax to start #DL rolling. Lots of strong work from FNGs. Looking forward to seeing this group grow! #nextstopTues

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