Schweddy Bells

11 strong Harrisburg F3 Faithful got a little stronger today. After futile attempts to plant the shovel flag in the NC ‘soil’, it was planted in the ‘softer’ mulch. @Gamma rolling in to Ted Nugent was a fitting way to get the juices flowing for a schweddy/sweaty KB beat down. It went like this:

Warmup: Light mosey to end of lot and back, SSH (IC) x15, IST (IC) x10, Windmill (IC) x10, Yerpies (OYO) x5


  •  Jack Webb up to 10 with single air press – just to set the mood
  • Sets of the following 8 exercises in order in 8, 10, 12 rep succession
    • Goblet Squat, Hammer Curls, Upright Rows, Overhead Tri Ext, Squat w/ one arm Press (each side), Alt Lunge Step Forward w/ KB pass between legs, Russian Twist, KB Swings – both arms
  • Light Mosey to end of lot and back followed by 10 One Hundreds
  • Sets of the following 8 exercises in order in 8, 10 rep succession
    • Sumo Squat, Outhouse Curls, Arnold Shoulder Press, Lawn Mowers, Squat w/ two arm Press, Alt Lunge Step Backward w/ KB pass between legs, Mason Twist, Halo
  • Bridge w/ Single Arm Chest Press x12 each side (for Tumbler)

Mary: Full Ab Up and KB Press to the Sky, 5 count power abs CoT, BOM


  1. As always, it’s an honor to lead. Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. Strong work by all this morning. TClaps Othello, for the 10 One Hundreds effort (and count). YHC wanted to keep the intensity up throughout the workout with minimal rest between exercises… the result was a good sweat.
  3. Some good MumbleChatter rolling this morning too… workout title thanks to Starsky and Alec Baldwin’s SNL character Pete Schweddy.
  4. Great to see some new faces out for KB’s this morning, and also great to see some returning. Glad you’re feeling better @SidVicious.
  5. BOM thought for the day… just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should. Moderation and common sense limits apply. Remember GoGoGadget and the result of “I have no limits tonight”… limits realized 15 minutes later.

10 thoughts on “Schweddy Bells

  1. Clueless Post author

    Great work this morning Pax! Enjoyed the fun…

    Thanks for the flag assist @Gamma.

  2. Gamma

    Awesome workout, @Clueless! Can’t help but to crank it up when “Stranglehold” comes on, which seemed fitting for a full body beatdown in 110% humidity. @SoloCup put it best about midway through the Jack Webbs: “Is it too late to join Acceleration?” Wait, I take that back…@Shameless put it best when he asked “Is Thee Monkeys open yet?”

    Great seeing some new faces at Harrisburg Iron. Lots of variety throughout the week in Harrisburg (bootcamps, stretch, runs, kettlebells, speed…), just pick your poison…

    @SidVicious – glad to hear you’re feeling better. Looking forward to your first Q!

  3. Starsky

    Great workout today! Certainly glad to be back out to KBs. Schweddy Bells was in effect for sure. Remember it’s never too early for Guinness @Gamma.

    1. Gamma

      Thank you….been trying to tell people that for years! Good to see you out for kettlebells once again. Hope the post-op elbow held up.

  4. Casper

    Sounds like an awesome workout I missed @Clueless. Sweat and kettle bells…… does not get any better. Not sure why my arms and legs are extremely weary. Maybe I was there in my dreams? Kinda weird I think. Why would I dream of kettle bells?

    1. Clueless Post author

      Oh yeah… you were definitely there (updated, my bad)… and you did the phantom high rows that the mumblers may have missed. Strong work @Casper!

  5. Thomas Reebel

    Strong lead this morning Clueless. Thank you and Gamma for the encouragement. Good to be back out there with the crew this morning. It has been a long 6 months.

  6. Othello

    Great Q @Clueless! Nice work – shout out to the rest of the PAX! Great to see so many showing up on a Friday morn and EVERYONE putting in 110% (except those that missed the high rows #earlyonsetdementia 😉 Hey, did someone say Guinness? Aye!

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