It should be easy- he’s an old guy

Famous first words from our FNG this morning- so glad he was able to utter those words before the beatdown began! YHC had to respond with a little something to make him rethink that statement after the workout. I didn’t have the heart to push it to the point of Merlot spillage, but hopefully the 10 faithful at the precinct received something worthy of getting out of the sack this morning… even late showing Iron Wolf – were you really headed back home?

Disclaimer – to instill some fear and trepidation into our FNG. ūüôā

off we¬†go- for a mosey¬†up to the quiet cul-de-sac for Warmorama –

SSH, Cotton Pickers,¬†Peter Parkers, Supermans, Windmills –¬†IC¬† x12, then some arm circles to get the blood working in all the extremeties.

The Thang: Mosey to the Grassy field and PARTNER UP for 4 Square of Pain with a 5-10-15-10-5 ladder

Corner 1: Partner Squerkins then run to:

Corner 2: For Partner throw downs then karaoke right to:

Corner 3: For back to back partner squats- — then run backward to:

Corner 4: for back to Partner Derkins. Then karaoke left back to Corner 1-

Repeato up the ladder to 15 Рthen back down.  Nice work men- way to push it.

Small break  consisting of: extended leg baby crunches, Carolina Dry Docks, Hand Release Merkins Рthen off to the Tennis courts  ( prison yard)  for PARTNER SUICIDE RELAYs

P1 runs¬†the suicides¬†while P2¬† starts work on¬†the 3 sets of exercises¬†until P1 Returns- P2 takes over–¬†¬†¬†¬† 100¬†WWII,¬†50 Bobby Hurleys,¬†50¬†SSH.¬†Gotta get our running in!

Finally – The one minute of Partner curl ups to finish off the beatdown.

Mosy back up to  parking lot for some MARY

Low flutter, Pretzel Stick, LBC



Naked moleskin-

Great to be with you all today. Fun group and really pushed the pain stations and the suicides relays! Reverand and Dirtybird – big kudos on the partner squats- low and slow – my body can’t accommodate that anymore :).

Good partnering up with Frostbite – nice clean workout shoes brother…¬† you must go home and clean them off everyday!

Welcome to our newest member – Growler. Glad to have you and trust you will be in some pain in the next few days… it won’t get easier – but you will get stronger!

Field of dreams – good luck on your first 5k brother! great to see you progressing!

See the tradition times for all the other good info!

5 thoughts on “It should be easy- he’s an old guy

  1. Man Down

    @Dutch – Solid beatdown. I expected nothing less from a man of your age! ūüėČ
    @Growler – Welcome to the pain brother! Drink up the Kool-Aid…it’s GOOD!
    @Iron Wolf – Were you really heading home? No. You were gonna do solo suicides in the Prison Yard, right?
    @Field of Dream – Rock that Color Run bro! Send pics!
    @PAX – Love doing this with you all!!! After being sick and out of it for a couple weeks, it sure feels good to be back out in The Precinct gloom again!

  2. The Farm

    Wow! The FNG made a serious mistake by underestimating @Dutch. The title made me laugh at my desk though.

  3. FieldOfDreams

    Great beat down @Dutch.
    Thanks to @Cinderblock for providing the Pricinct with an official Old Glory shovel.

    1. Man Down

      YES! Thanks so much Cinderblock! And I love the idea of making another one at your place over a few beers! Just let us all know when to come! ūüôā

  4. Dutch Post author

    Yes thank you cinderblock! Sorry to leave you out of the pack blast. Just slipped my mind ‚Ķ I’m an old guy after all! Quality craftsmanship brother thanks again

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