Classic Yoga Stretch

7 Pax including 3 FNGs responded to the alarm clock and posted for a classic yoga Warrior One stretch session.W1

x denotes four-count cadence.


  • Plank Series: Plank~20 secs, Merkins x 10, Plank~20secs, Side Plank with hip dips and reach- 4 each side, Elbow Plank~30 secs.

The Thang:

In this order sorta, kinda (ITOSK):

  • Howl at the Moon- six rotations. Includes: Mountain, Forward Fold, Half-Forward Fold, Plank, Cobra or Up Dog, Down Dog.
  • Salute Side Stretch, Neck Rolls, Shoulder Rolls, Half-bind Neck Stretch R/L, Chest-Press Fling x 10, Forward Fold.
  • Plank, Up Dog, Down Dog, Right Lunge, Crescent, Spinal Twist, Warrior Two, Peaceful Warrior, Warrior One, Warrior Three, Half Moon, Warrior Three, Figure Four w/squat, The Lynn Swann.  Repeato other side.
  • Pyramid R/L, Pigeon R/L, Cross-legged Hamstring Stretch and Cross-legged Spinal Twist R/L.
  • Boat~30 secs, Bridge, Boat~30 secs, Wheel, Shoulder Stand, Plow,  Ball, Revolved Abdomen.
  • LBC x25, Oblique Crunch x 20, Low Flutter x15, Low Dolly x10, Protractor.

COT w/Road Warriors


  1. Great to see so many new faces out this morning! Your body will thank you today for the work you put in.
  2. Pleasure to lead as usual, and glad to be back at Warrior One.  As usual for Warrior One, not much mumblechatter as everyone focused on their breath and the poses.



2 thoughts on “Classic Yoga Stretch

  1. Gamma

    Great to see so many new guys coming out. Welcome to F3 – looking forward to meeting you all.

  2. Clueless

    Good stuff Deuce. Thanks for the lead.

    Great to meet @ThickBurger, @Poseidon, @Cracklin’ Rosie, & @Shameless this morning for stretch recovery. Looking forward to seeing you guys regularly.

    @ThickBurger said he wants to become a “thin burger” in the future. Lot’s of different workout options and fellowship pushes to help you along the way. Welcome out!

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