Shipwreck Adventure Part 2

8 men met at #Precinct in today’s humid gloom to partake in the second coming of the shipwreck adventure.

The Thang:

Split into 2 groups, each group grab a battle rope and follow YHC. Only requirement, don’t let the rope hit the ground (5 burpee penalty). 

We headed out and ran a 1.8 mile loop around the AO, stopping along the way for various exercises including SSH, Windmills, Mountain Climbers, Squats, Curls, Overhead press, Lunges, Mericans, Flutter kicks, Reverse crunches, various Indian Runs, one uphill sprint, and of course Burpees; all while attempting teamwork and carrying the battle rope.


1. Not much detail in the workout description above. #gottashow2know But hopefully most thought it was a solid beatdown with good 2nd F.

2. Thanks to @BOS for the battle ropes. We basically used them as a team building tether today, but lots of other cool exercises can be done with them also. #available2borrow

3.  Always impressed by the amount of EHing that @Striker does. FNG Redline, newbie Kungfu Panda, and a couple others at yesterday’s Memorial Day Murph were products of @Striker. #spreadingF3love #heknowsalotofmoms?

4.  Great meeting @Dirty Bird and @Reverend today (UNCC #hatehates). Not sure how long they’ve been posting because I’ve been away from #Precinct for awhile, but always nice to meet new guys in the ‘hood.

5.  Speaking of the ‘hood, T-Claps to @Dingo and @Prison Fruit for utilizing the “Nextdoor” app to promote F3!  We’ll see if we get any bites…”those guys seem pretty hard core…how difficult is it?”

6.  @ManDown was the only returning castaway from the original Shipwreck Adventure (10 pax), though @Field Of Dreams says he remembers reading the BB because he started F3 that same January week. #noKBsthistime

7.  Regarding nearby ‘hoods, new workout at Davis Lake starts Saturday (5/30) 0700 hours and all following Tues/Thurs (0530 – 0615). Be like @Striker and recruit Davis Lake or nearby men!

8.  F3 #The Bear June 6! ( #doit



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  1. Skipper Post author

    Definitely sore today from Memorial Day festivities (Murph and pool side sunburn), but great morning meeting some new guys and sweating in the humid gloom.

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