This morning 12 brave souls came out into the post-Memorial Day gloom to remember why working out is fun.


Mosey around the parking lot

Imperial Stormtroopers x 10

Windmills x 10


The Thang: (we called this a “remembrance drill” back on my high school wrestling team. Brought back some not-so-fond memories…)

Side Straddle Hop x 40

Mountain Climbers x 25

LBC’s x 25

Squat Jumps x 25

Mericans x 25

4-Count Burpees x 25


then we did it all over again 3 more times, with a short mosey between rounds 2 and 3 to loosen up. total of 120 side straddle hops and 100 of everything else.


Then another mosey around the parking lot, and back for…



LBC’s x 25

Crunchy Frog x 15

“Airborn Mindmender” for a minute



1. Per the name, “Remembrance drill”- I shared one of the first Bible verses I memorized, Proverbs 10:19- “Where words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise”

2. It’s getting muggier outside… that was a sweaty workout

3. Announcements: Q school this Thursday night and Saturday morning; the Bear on June 6th.

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  1. BBQ

    Actually think it was 13 PAX, don’t see @Bull in the PAX list. He might of quit early, but he put in some work before then. Thanks for the lead @Capri.

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