Merkins Over America!

Greetings and salad dressings…

As some of you may or may not know, Mint Hill is my home town, I was born in Charlotte but lived in and around Mint Hill all my life.  So of course when F3 impacted my life this past year, I wanted to share the F3 goodness with my home town.  After many prayers and waiting I will see the official launch of F3 Mint Hill on June 13.  But wait, there’s more!

Mondays (now known as Piledriver) and Wednesdays (not official yet but I think we’re leaning towards 4077 for a name) have really taken off.  Piledriver has been averaging 20-25 Pax!

So as you can guess I was excited to Q my first time at my home town F3 AO.  Maybe too excited? We shall see.


19 – SSH
50 – Imperial Walkers/Storm Troopers
19 – Merkins
53 – Hillbillies

You can see with my strange North Carolina math that a pattern of 1950 and 1953 appears with COP, and those were the years of the war in Korea, which is memorialized for North Carolina at our AO.  Not sure why Raleigh never built one there, but I’m proud that Mint Hill is home to such a nice memorial to the men and women that fought for our freedom and the freedom of the South Koreans.

After a short speech (speech! speech!) about the Korean War, and how it’s called The Forgotten War because so few really honor those vets, we were on the move.

Few things are more American than the flag, baseball and apple pie.  Well, we had no pie on hand, but we do have a baseball diamond at our AO, so time to partner up!

Partner 1 – Run the bases, come back and do 2 merkins.  Run the bases, 4 merkins, etc. up to 8.
Partner 2 – Called core exercise while Partner 1 runs the bases.

Repeat twice, which is more than the number of times the Cubbies have won the penant in the past 100 years.  But I digress.

After much huffing and puffing, mostly from the Q we wrapped up all that running with… more running!

Someone left cones behind, at perfect suicide intervals, so what was I to do?  Actually I had suicides planned anyway, but the cones just seemed to fall into place.

After a bit of Mary, we headed back towards the memorial.

We played core explosion round robbin and each of the six Pax around me called out an exercise. There were some interesting choices, and all I’ll say is I hope Mint Hill doesn’t have video recording at the park, we may have to answer some questions later.

In all seriousness, today was meant to remind us of those who gave their lives to secure and protect freedom both here at home and abroad.  We thank them for their sacrifice and honor them and their families.

During the Korean War, fighting on the American side: 178,426 (all countries) died, 32,925 were missing and 566,434 were wounded.  For a war that ended in a military stalemate, you can see that it was anything but a small loss of life.

The North Carolina Korean War Memorial, at our AO honors and remembers the 788 residents of North Carolina that died during the Korean War.  If you haven’t been to this AO yet, take your familes, take your kids and talk to them about what happened, and why we should honor the dead, and lift up the veterans who are still with us.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning, only one note besides all the laughter I experienced during Mary, and that’s that Deuce is a beast!  Man was flat out running and doing merkins faster than about anyone I’ve seen.  Watch out Donkey Kong.

Also of note:  Sadly I think this was my first time being War Daddy.  I’m only 43!  Sheesh.

Wednesday Run Stopper is going to invade Mint Hill!  Don’t miss this epic beatdown!

DT out.

5 thoughts on “Merkins Over America!

  1. Toolman

    You did a great job Drop Thrill, thank you for leading our workout and for the commentary on the Korean War. I thought it was quite fitting for us to be at the Korean War memorial on Memorial Day. Looking forward to the hurt on Wednesday.

  2. Deuce

    Drop Thrill- Great lead! I truly appreciate you preventing me from receiving War Daddy status for one more day, but where were you today? I got stuck with it this morning at Boondocks.

    As for the running, I paid for it with the return of a leg injury that won’t seem to go away. #gottatakeiteasy

  3. Drop Thrill Post author

    Ha! It took a year and 2 months for me to finally ben War Daddy, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

    Actually I’m in better shape than I’ve been in over a decade now thanks to diet and F3, so I could run circles around my 33 year old self any day. 🙂

    You missed Run Stopper’s leg assault today on Toolman and I. Ouch.

  4. Deuce

    I wanted to be there, but I got called into Harrisburg to lead Warrior One. Plus, I had an FNG posting.

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