Memorial Day Murph – 6:00 Edition

An impressive 29 Pax from various AO’s across MeCa posted for the Memorial Day Murph.  It was an impressive site to see so many men going after a tough test of physical ability!

The Thang;

  1. 1 mile run
  2. 100 pull ups
  3. 200 Merkins
  4. 300 Squats
  5. 1 mile run

The Moleskin;

  1. Numerous FNG’s out this morning!  At least 5, maybe 6!
  2. It was a quiet bunch.  Most men decided to go it alone, rather than join in the cadence group.  About 6 did it in cadence.
  3. Bull breezed through it, like it was mere inconvenience to his physical ability!  He was back from his final mile before some of us even finished our exercises!
  4. Lots of names of fallen soldiers mentioned.  I will do my best to name them in the Pax list.
  5. Total of 63 men posted for The Murph this morning at the MeCa convergence!!

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day Murph – 6:00 Edition

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      Hit reply too soon…I’m sorry I missed it. I did part of the murph this morning on my own. Iron sharpens iron brothers. Missed doing it with you.

      My fallen soldier is Maj. Dick Winters.

  1. Skipper

    @Dingo – Thanks for picking up the early Q and leading the cadence group.
    Great group of men today! Impressive numbers and FNGs too.

  2. Kato

    T-claps Dingo and Tradition crew for hosting MeCa today. While it doesn’t work for every day, a large Pax convergence is great when it happens. It’s a different kind of energy. Great to see some Stoners come out to the Murph and I enjoyed seeing some guys I haven’t seen in a while.

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