Curl up Confusion!

13 Early risers climbed out of the fartsack to get a great start on the day.  The 13 included 2 double downers! and a few Bear Cyclists!  Mumblechatter was at a premium with @Chowder and @Etch-A-Sketch in attendance…….

Mosey to the top of the large grass hill and circle up for Warm ups.  This seemed to confuse @Chowder……I guess change is not always as good as a Holiday…..#embracethechange

  1. 15 x SSH (Our still confused Nantan did not get started until about the 5 count)
  2. 15 x IST
  3. 15 x Windmill (Nantan did not approve of YHC’s form here……Bad back modification)

Mosey to the road, stop at the guard rail

  1. 8 x Derkins Bottom Rail (In Cadence)
  2. 8 x LBC (In Cadence
  3. 8 x Derkens Middle rail (IC)
  4. 8 x LBC (IC)
  5. 8 x Derkins top rail (IC)
  6. 8 x LBC (IC)
  7. 8 x Derkens Middle rail (IC)
  8. 8 x LBC (IC)
  9. 8 x Derkins Bottom rail (IC)
  10. 8 x LBC (IC)

This ended the mumble chatter…….for a little while……

Mosey to the new school

1 minute AMRAP Curl ups

Grab a Cinderblock and head to the new lower field

  1. 10 x Bicep Curls ( I may or may not have continued to call these curl ups…)
  2. Bunny Hop the new stairs (There Flights is half a stairway to heaven!)
  3. 10 x Lateral raise
  4. Sprint to top of stairs
  5. 10 x bicep curls
  6. partner wheelbarrow to top of stairs x 2
  7. Line up and AMRAP exercises called out
  8. 1 at a time – Reverse Spiderman Merkins to the top of the stairs

At this point Mortimer comes back down and says “That may be the hardest thing Ive ever done, No seriously the hardest thing in my life!”  Welcome to MeCa brother 😉

Put the blocks back and head to the makeshift track

2 x 200m sprints – Not sure who, but someone said “Why?” Well the answer is to tire out the bike riders 😉

I think we did some more curl ups??

Mosey to the softball field shelter

  1. 20 Step ups
  2. 20 Squats
  3. 20 Lunges
  4. Repeat x 3

(This was also for the bike riders)

Mosey back to cars

1 min AMRAP Curlups

The Moleskin;

  1. Great numbers this morning!  More than double of last week!
  2. Great to see guys doubling down and heading off for a Bear recon ride!
  3. The second workout had even more guys!  We may have had 40 men out there this morning!
  4. Loved the mumble chatter!  Keeps the workout interesting and points out my many faults and what I need to improve on!  Iron Sharpens Iron!

2 thoughts on “Curl up Confusion!

  1. The Farm

    How could you forget me and Chicken Strip (one of the double downers)?!?! Especially when I was next to you during most of the beatdown. #unbelievable

    I thought the 200m laps were supposed to be moseys and I treated them as such. Those reverse Spider-Man merkins are no joke. I’ve curses you at least once at every Sat workout I’ve been at this month that you Q’d. Thanks!

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