Kettle bells, Poles and Cones

Eight men came out to run as little as possible and lift a few kettle bells.

Warmup: Mosey around cones set up on opposite curbs to get the blood pumping (and get everyone used to the pattern they would be using, diagram below for your viewing pleasure, warning highly technical)
SSH IC X15, IST IC X 10, MT Climbers IC X 10, Merkins X 10


The Thang
Start at a cone (2,4,6,8,10). That is your first set and then you would progress to each cone doing a total of 30 reps per exercise. In between each set crossing to the other curb and back.
Exercises and crossing movements where:
Chest Press at the cones bear crawl to the other side and back
Goblet squat————-Defensive Slide
Outhouse Curls———–Bunny Hops
Triceps Extension——–Lunge Walk
Lawn Mowers————–Plank walk
Bent Rows—————-High Skips
SA Shoulder Press——–Crawl Bear
Upright Rows————-Duck Walk
Alt. Merkins————-Sprint to Decline Merkins

all with Kettle Bells
LBC X 10, Low Dolly X 10, Low Flutter X 10


1. Good workout everyone. Time went by quick. Wanted to keep everyone moving, but little running involved
2. Welcome out Liverwurst and Banjo Boy. Still not sure how pole dancing got Banjo Boy to kettle bells instead of running, but glad you made it out.
3. Continued prays to @BillyGoat’s family
4. A lot of F3 activity going on including Wings of Eagles Hay Baling (reach out to @SSMinnow), Mint Hill Madness Parade (see @Deuce), Special Olympics Tourch run (see @Gapper), Memorial Day Convergence at Tradition, Q School. Anything I missed please add it to the comments.


5 thoughts on “Kettle bells, Poles and Cones

  1. Gamma

    Nice lead, @Tumbler. Mixing in the crossing movements was a nice touch, and we’re all better off with the focus on slow, controlled reps.

    Great to see @Liverwurst give KBs a try, and very much appreciated his comment during the warm-up, 50yrd mosey: “Hey, I thought this was an upper body workout?” Well said, sir.

    And @BanjoBoy, it’s probably better off we leave the pole/injury/running discussion at the park. As a side note, I won’t make fun of your duck walk if you don’t make fun of my “high” knees. #truce

  2. Othello

    Great workout @Tumbler and good to see you there too @Liverwurst. Loved the intense shoulder burn/workout with the Bear Crawls, Crawl Bears, Plank Walks, DecMerk’s, etc. in addition to the KB’s. Have a great weekend and let’s give an extra shout out to all those Men and Women who defend (and have defended) this great Country of ours which allows us to have wonderful KB days like today. God Bless America!

  3. BanjoBoy

    No pole… fence post. No swinging involved. I was hoping to up my man-cred… the opposite happened.

    You have great “high knees” @gamma. Glad to hear a Trading Places reference.

    1. Gamma

      In my defense, I’m pretty sure @Tumbler called for “High-ish Knees”

      I’m glad someone got the Trading Places reference – my faith in humanity is restored. And thanks to @UCB for the prompt, but I don’t think he heard the reply since he was running. Really fast.

  4. Casper

    Very challenging @Tumbler. Ames and legs are sore, a always good thing.

    Hope to see a few good men @ weekly road bike treck Sunday @ 6:30a @ Harrisburg ES for about 15-17 miles.

    “All gave some…Some gave all. Remember them this Memorial Day.”

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