Game On!

20 men from Highlands and 1 from Hickory ignored the 90% chance of rain and stepped into the 90% humidity filled gloom.  When YHC broke a sweat using sidewalk chalk, there was no doubt #sweatangels would abound today.

The Thang:

Disclaimer given, disclaimer expounded upon and finally a hint of sarcasm was added to the disclaimer after @Chowder mentioned it might be one of the kindest disclaimers ever as the PAX moseyed to the bus parking lot.

  • SSH
  • IST
  • Windmill
  • Merkins

The PAX gathered at the top of a crudely constructed Qbert game.  @TheNanny was selected to be the first Coily.

  • The rules were:
    • 2 at a time, halfway down, next 2 start (it became much more crowded than planned)
    • Don’t get caught by Coily, but if you do then share best not cuss word cuss word
    • 3 penalty burpees if you land in same space as Coily
    • Air presses while in line
    • Coily – free after 3 victims and 3rd victim becomes Coily

YHC was so surprised @Gump didn’t know about Qbert he questioned @Gump’s mental aptitude.  Deepest apologies from YHC.  So in the spirit of education for some and nostalgia for others feel free to test your skills on this classic arcade game – Qbert

Time was called and the PAX gathered for a modified game of Donkey Kong with @Winnebago as the first Kong.

  • PAX assembles in a plank line that moves 2 individuals into Player 1 and 2 spaces
  • 3 merkins
  • Climb up rail
  • Run and jump over barrels (boxes) and enter the hit zone where Kong awaits
  • Kong performs 1 burpee, declares “I am KONG” and attempts to hit a runner
  • Hit runners perform 3 burpees
  • Third runner hit becomes Kong

Feel free to try the real game – Donkey Kong

Along the line of the first basket ball goal PAX assembles in groups of 3 for the CLIMB.

  • C – Carolina Dry Docks
  • L – Lunges
  • I – Imperial Storm Trooper
  • M – Merkins
  • B – Burpees

Each group of three determines who will run to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th basketball goal while the PAX repeatedly works its way through the CLIMB exercises until every man had run.


  • LBC
  • Low Flutter
  • Pretzel Crunch
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Low Dolly
  • The Squirm


The Moleskin:

  1. Always an honor to lead the PAX and much respect for posting and pushing each other.  I know I’m better for it.
  2. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we did something different this morning.  It always sounds much clearer in my head.
  3. Did anyone else notice that @Derby and @Chavez both showed up late wearing the same shirt?  Coincidence? I sure hope so.
  4. Glad I stopped @Winnebago from opening the bag of marshmallows and throwing them individually.  That would have been a mess.
  5. Why a bag of marshmallows?  @ColonelMustard’s words from Q School stick in my head, “It’s the Q’s job to keep the PAX safe”.  I originally thought about a ball, but feared it would bounce all over the place and a runner would step on it and break something.  So for 96 cents you can purchase a soft, but throw-friendly bag that doesn’t roll.
  6. T-claps to @SwampThing for the help picking up boxes.


4 thoughts on “Game On!

  1. Alcatraz Post author

    @Flamer – thanks for joining the Highlands PAX today. I tagged Hickory hoping you’d be notified. And while we are glad you and the others at Hickory are secure in your manhood we maintain the conviction that we are not that kind of men’s group! Hope to see you at The Bear.

    1. Gordo

      @Alcatraz, that was well done and planned. Very enjoyable and difficult, especially the Qbert. I had to resort in changing strategy from the bunny hop to the PAX preferred run/skip to not be the Coily. What will you think of next?

  2. Derby

    Nice job Alcatraz! I’m glad I made it on time to enjoy your video game themed beat down. Next time I will enjoy some donkey kongage.

  3. The Nanny

    @Alcatraz So impressed with your execution of that video game themed beatdown! Both the Qbert and Kong stations were explained and I thought “well, this won’t really be that tough” but they both sneaked up on me! I was more than ready for each to be DONE. Calves on Qbert and lungs on Kong. T-claps for the significant thought that went into your choice of Kong’s throwing object.

    @Gump Again…apologies for using you as a human shield. It was just so much easier to push you in front of me and take the Kong throw than to try and evade it myself…

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