Do you need glasses to see your Winky?

14 courageous men of valor showed up at Tradition for a beat down in the gloom.  Some Q’s need glasses to see their winky or, in this case, their iPhone.  Don’t mumble-chatter too hard on those Q’s – if you don’t need glasses to see your winky, be glad.  Anyway, here’s what happened:

Mosey to Warmorama

1. Side Straddle Hop x15
2. Imperial Storm Troopers x15
3. Cotton Pickers x15
4. Merchens x 10

Mosey to Outback
1. 10 pull ups
2. 10 mountain climbers
3. 10 chin ups
4. 10 merchens

Line up
1st Hill routine x 2
1. 10 mountain climbers
2. Run to top of hill.
3. 10 merchens
4. Run back

2nd hill routine x2
1. 10 Burpees
2. Run to top of Hill
3. 10 merchens
4. Run back

Indian Plank Crawl x2
Bear crawl back
Lunge to Tree

Partner up x2
1. 10 Partner merchens plank
2. 20 curl ups
3. Partner push
4. Partner pull

Mosey to Sprint
Lying Down Start Sprints x4

1. LBC x15
2. Mason Twist x15
3. Squirm x15
4. Homer to Marge x5
5. Plank 1 minute


13 thoughts on “Do you need glasses to see your Winky?

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    I enjoyed it this morning Guinness. Nice work.

    I didn’t realize we would learn so much about your winky this morning.

  2. Guinness Post author

    Thanks @Forgotten Jelly. Glad you enjoyed it. I am impressed with Q’s who don’t need notes to follow. I need glasses to read my winky notes. The more I Q, the less I will need a winky, and glasses too.

  3. Guinness Post author

    Ya think, Jelly? So many Q’s don’t seem to need to rely on a winky? As for me, he beat down would come to a sudden halt if I couldn’t access my winky. Although, that will change, I am sure, after a few more Q’s. But you are betting that I will always need a winky? Hmmm?

  4. Lynchpin

    I’m not a MECA guy, but I have to say I like seeing “weinke” spelled “winky”. I hereby adopt that more robust spelling officially, and I urge F3Nation to do the same.

    1. Dingo

      @lynchpin – I feel our Irish brother @guinness may never have heard of Chris “Weinke” 😉

      1. Lynchpin

        Nor have many Charlotteans younger than a certain vintage, I’m afraid. In any event, Guinness’ spelling is much more lively (as evidenced by the comments) and I’m going to stick with it from now on!

  5. Guinness Post author

    @lynchpin, Thanks for chiming in. You are welcome to post in Meca or at Tradition any time. Regarding the spelling of “weinke” or “winky”, I was going with an assumed phonetical spelling. My error. But you like the “more robust” spelling, could be a thing eh?

  6. Dutch

    Guinness – serious Irish beatdown today- don’t be intimated by Jelly to use your winky- no matter how big or small it is.

  7. R2D2_MECA

    I am often confused by the lingo used during these workouts and today that trend of confusion marches on. Is winky an actual thing??? I had no idea, I thought it was some sort of Irish word for little tiny paper or something. Is it actually a real F3 name???

    On a similar note I think we should explain the clapping, “hey hey”‘s and calling out someones age in their 40’s once or twice a month. I have been doing this now for 4 months and never really understood it. I know I can read the book or manual or something but I know I won’t, no matter how many times I have told myself I will.

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