Free bagels and coffee

We may have had some problems counting at the end, but thanks to @Snare, I’m pretty sure we had 17 #Faithful amble aimlessly¬†around and about the Creek… what else will happen with a rudderless ship? Rather than look around at each other and wonder if we had a Q, YHC decided we should run… novel concept for the Cruise, eh?

The Thang
Intended to do the 485 traffic circle loop but, of course, the instructions got slightly #Chowderized so we just ran out around Aldi and back then ran around campus to add up to 4.5 – 5 miles. Tried explaining the route that @Nanny said we had already named, but neither approach does any good when our lead pack hasn’t run this one on any of the prior executions. Regardless… run out. Run back. Just keep running and be back by 0615. Mission accomplished

COT and strong BOM shout out by @Stoli

– The Bear – June 6 at 0600 from HCE – be there.
РOther running options from HCE: get faster РFri at 0530 (Speed); go farther РSun at 0530 (Hunter Run) and 0630 (The Distance)
– Memorial Day MeCa Convergence @ Tradition for the Murph – 0600 and 0700 options with coffee to follow
– Help lead Highlands – Leadership team meeting tonight at 0730 at 8306 Lynnewood Glen Dr.

– Love the numbers this a.m. which means lots of great 2nd F! Let’s keep the numbers up this summer with BRR prep or just to become a better runner. Still short one Q though…
– Great job to all. Strong at the front with @Frodo being chased by @Kato, @WarningSign and others (@JLo perhaps?) and steady persistence throughout the PAX. Don’t worry @WarningSign, you’re not the first who has run out of breath trying to hang with @Frodo
– Good to have @Goog and @Bli back out there… Now YHC has to try a Spotted Cow
– With all the construction, you’d think @MellowJohnny would have better options than bushes when nature calls; at least it wasn’t a #GumpDump
– Great job to @Stoli on naming @WarningSign… better than most accountants would do. How many hours of research did you do?
– You always have a home in Highlands @WarningSign. Glad @Stoli lured you in with the offer of free bagels at Breuggers (I’ll add some free coffee at Panera – just show ’em your loyalty card.) Thanks for your service and we hope to see you again soon (this week if you can, or next time you’re back in town.) BTW, you do know @Stoli is a Dukie, right? #nattiechamps

3 thoughts on “Free bagels and coffee

  1. The Nanny

    @Chowder. Thx for taking the reigns this morning. And what is this spotted cow thing?

    @Bling. Enjoyed sharing dets from the big F3 Dads camping trip with you. Hope we can get your crew out there next time.

    @Pavarotti. Sounds like you had a great time at Carolina Adventure World this weekend. We need to plan a trip….

    @J-lo. Many thx for the backpack. Kids were engaged in a cage match within 30 seconds of me getting home for who got to claim it. Looks like it fits the 13 yr old really well.

    @Warning Sign. I’ll get you my bro-in-laws contact info. He will be at the Naval Post Graduate School same time as you. He has never posted to an F3 workout so his CH-53 call sign is his only nickname…and it ain’t a generous name…

  2. Chowder Post author

    Re: @SpottedCow, I’ve never been to Wisconsin, so you’ll have to ask @Bling (and I mean Bling) or @Google (or Goog as Bling has now coined…) or, of course, @Winnebago. Apparently it’s a federal crime for it to cross state lines…

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