Ending in the Fetal Position

Three strong PAX, including YHC, gathered to stretch their sore muscles.  It was so overwhelming they ended the Broga session in the fetal position.

Purpose – Focus on Balance Poses and Stretching to work core and strengthen/stretch aching muscles

The Thang…

Mountain Pose (Namaste) – 5 deep breaths & exhales

Tip of the day – Clear Your Mind

  1. Wide Feet – inhale up, swan dive , hang downward and fold arms – 5 Breaths
  2. Bent Torso Twist (left hand on ground, right up to sky) – 5 Breaths, repeato.
  3. Horse Stance – 5 inhale/exhale while reaching arms out front and opening up chest

Positions – all require 3-5 deep inhale/exhale, on exhale increase stretch

  1. Tree – Left Leg, Right Leg (30sec ea)
  2. Royal Dancer (aka Lynn Swan)
  3. Standing Leg Extensions – Knee to chest, extend, Knee to chest, extend (Go for toe lock)
  4. Crane – Knees in armpits, lean forward, balance on hands, toes off ground, don’t fall forward,
  5. Seated Spinal Stretch – Pull leg under opposite, Twist, 5 breaths, twist more on exhale
  6. Cat/Cow – Inhale to Cat, Exhale to Cow
  7. Frog – all I can say is, “did you feel that one?”
  8. Bridge to Wheel – roll up on shoulders, pelvis up, hug knees to chest, whee
  9. Plough – legs up, lower legs over head, relax over ears – BREATHE!!
  10. Table – Head back, torso up – strong core
  11. Cobbler Pose – feet together near groin, hinge, stretch arms out as far as you can
  12. One Legged Hamstring Stretch – Self explanatory, repeato other leg
  13. Two Legged Hamstring Stretch– Self explanatory, repeato other leg
  14. Side Twist – on back, knees up, arm to sides, rotate L/R
  15. Glute Stretch – on back, L ankle over R knee, reach and grab right ham, pull in – Repeato
  16. Happy Baby – on back, legs up, grab inside of feet, rock side2side
  17. Childs Pose – on knees, rest on heels, arms outstretched in front, chest to ground

Mary – after an exhausting stretch the PAX fell into….
1. Corpse Pose (Shavasana) – on back, close eyes, sink into ground with every exhale
2.  Fetal Position – L side with R hand under head, knees to chest, repeato
3.  WAKE UP!

COT – Lead by Capri

1.  HC for the BEAR
– http://f3nation.com/2015/04/10/the-bear-2015/
2.  Thursday Bootcamp at the Ridge
– @Solocup has the Q.
3.  Prayers
still needed for Billy Goat and family.
4.  Humpday Happy Hour
– no Q posted!  Anyone want to jump in and host?





2 thoughts on “Ending in the Fetal Position

  1. Othello Post author

    Thanks @Clueless, @Finnegan for allowing me to lead. Good to see you @ Finnegan, hope you come out to more Broga workouts.

  2. Billy Goat

    Thanks for the prayers shout-out….been a long 10 days with ups and downs. Still not out of the clear yet but praying is power.

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