School’s (not) Out…

18 Pax trotted into the gloom and were hellbent on making this a “school themed” workout. Some barely completed the assignments, some got straight A’s and some did a little extra credit. Regardless, we all finished and no one failed. However, I do have a few on my list that are close to being suspended. I cant say their names because of privacy laws, but their names rhyme with smingo and sorgotten selly. I think you know who they are.

Of course, the high flyers and valedictorians like Urlacher (aka White shadow) continued to pace the pax. And our freshman like Seeker and Bottom Dweller made strong showings on their first week of classes. But how could we forget the senior members who have already graduated but keep taking classes just to stay sharp like @maximus, @dutch, @ONJ, @spreadsheet, @guinness? I think they need to teach the next class.

Mosey around parking lot

SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
Squats x 15

Mosey to Pillars – Partner Up
Balls to the Wall / Pretzel Stick (Flapjack) x 3
Peoples Chair / Merkins
Shoulder Touch Merkins (until failure)

Mosey to Outback
Grab Cinderblock
Shoulder Press / LBC’s x 20 (3 Rounds)

Carry Cinderblock to PL – Groups of 3
Partner #1 – Suicides
Partner #2 – Squat Press
Partner #3 – Merkins

Boxcutters x 15
W’s x 15
Pretzel Crunch x 15

I always enjoy q’ing in these humid mornings when we have a good crew and the pax is mumbling. I’m not sure why everyone wants every wants school themed workouts. The reason I go to f3 is get away from school.:) I tried to stay away from Merkins, but its hard to stay away for too long. You know the Ms love them. This morning we saw some new faces and some old faces we hadnt seen in a while.

Welcome back @spreadsheet! (We’ll plan on seeing you next July 🙂

@pax- lots of obnoxious mumblechatter today, but always fun.

@dingo, @jelly- I’m going to separate the two of you next time.

@seeker- welcome man! Great work out there today.

@blinddate- careful saying your name over at Precinct.

Have an awesome day guys!

6 thoughts on “School’s (not) Out…

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    I demand to see your evidence supporting your claim that Dingo and I need to be separated!

    Nice beatdown as always Mr. Belding.

  2. BlindDate

    Awesome workout @Belding followed by a very entertaining backblast. Definitely both worthy of an A+. It may have been humid out there but I think we would all take the heat over the single digit January mornings.

    Dick Tracy — great partnering up. Way to push!

  3. Dingo

    Good stuff @mr Belding. I was glad we didn’t do a tone of merkins like you normally
    Do 😉

    Good to get out (and hear) some mumble chatter this morning! Has been too quiet lately. Not sure why, but Belding gives us plenty of ammo 😉

    Thanks for partnering Jelly and for remembering to say “Exercise” so I knew when to start my set – #slackQ

    Good numbers and great to see some new and not so new faces in the crowd! You should all feel honored that you got to see @Spreadsheet on his annual post!
    ……white shadow…….you know who that was for 😉

  4. Bottom Dweller

    Thanks for the beatdown Mr. Belding! It was good to post close to home. IT was good making new friends this morning and I’ll definitely be back on Thursday!

    Mr. Belding please don’t forget to add me to the email list.


  5. Dick Tracy

    Great beatdown, @MrBelding. My shoulders are flat out tired.

    Thanks to @BlindDate for pushing me. See you tomorrow in the gloom.

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