Second verse, same as the first, just a little bit worse

Mosey on around and down to the lower parking lot

Circle up the pax, add a disclaimer (thx Swiss Miss for the reminder)


Merkins x10IC
IST/IW x20IC (oops on the cadence)

Time to mosey over to the Wash out, select a rock. YHC had to remind Lionheart of his lesson in ambition learned the first time he did this. Once all pax are rocked up, time to mosey to the soccer fields for some grinders.

The Thang

Partner up into teams of 3. 2 perform the exercise while 3rd man carries 2 rocks to the far end line, deposits them, then runs back. Tradeoff with a teammate till the prescribed exercise is completed. Next man runs first, gets the rocks and carries them back. All Larry Bird Teams were to come alongside another team till they finish the counts.

Round 1 – 60 hand slap merkins
Round 2 – 100 tap the rock squats (was that mumble chatter from the third group, or just my heart pounding in my ears?)
Round 3 – 50 Meet-me-at-the-top Burpees (little fuzzy here, did YHC really call for 50?)
Round 4 – 50 hand slap merkins (audibled the run distance to the half-field line)
Round 5 – 75 tap the rock squats (more mumble buzz)
Round 6 – 30 Meet-me-at-the-top Burpees

Everyone grab your rock, circle up for 6-work.

Big Macs x20IC
Jack Abs 6×24 (Deuce can thank Stone Cold for that one)

Times running out, so mosey back to wash out to return the rocks. (Rest assured that if YHC is in front of the mosey, it’s not gonna be fast.)


Ye Olde Moleskin

There was good mumble chatter from the back of the pack on our way to the soccer field, but most of that quieted at round 3 on the field but picked up in the six work again. Are you awake yet Deuce? Seriousness aside, it was great to workout together with everyone this morning. Swiss miss and Sprinkles really powered through those exercises while YHC was loud-breathing in the run. Some of the walkers actually stopped to watch us. Someone asked FNG Toolman during the field work if we’d scared him away yet. Couldn’t clearly hear his reply but YHC thought he heard laughter in the reply.

Major TCLAPs to each and every pax that showed up to today’s demonstration of what it looks like to smoke the Q. Double the order for Farmwood and his won’t quit attitude! #keeppounding brother!

During the COT, the pax were extremely generous to FNG Toolman with his name. Just remember the alternatives Toolman. Mike&Ike had to pull a Copperfield since YHC pressed the limits time a bit.


  • Mint Hill Madness Parade is this weekend, Memorial Day weekend. SignUp with your HC and let’s show Mint Hill that F3nation is right here in the backyard.
  • Mint Hill Madness is this weekend. It’s a fun Family-friendly event. All festivities are at Veteran’s Park. Bring the kiddies and the M’s and have a good time.
  • New AO, @F3BoonDocks, is beginning this week, Tuesday mornings 530 at Hickory Grove Baptist Church (Main Campus), Harris Blvd & Hickory Grove Rd.
  • The Bear is upon us. Check it here.
  • Forest Hill Church is hosting another of it’s Man-to-Man series with senior pastor David Chadwick and special guest John Kasay. The event is free, but registration is requested for logistics. For more information click here.


4 thoughts on “Second verse, same as the first, just a little bit worse

  1. Deuce

    Great lead, @Chum! The 60 handslap merkins were brutal, particularly if you were the one who had to push through with two consecutive partners while the partners took turns running. #broughtmetomyknees

  2. Toolman

    I had a great time today at my first post. I’ve drank the F3 Kool-Aid and I’m looking forward to getting my butt kicked every Monday and Wednesday morning. I definitely made out well with the nickname, could have been much worse.

    1. Chum Post author

      Welcome Brother! Glad to have you out there. Look forward to seeing you at more posts!

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