Early Edition is back!

6 men got the word that Early Edition is making a comeback.  We came, We saw giant rubber bands, we conquered.

Mosey to lower soccer field

  1. 12 x SSH
  2. 12 x IST
  3. 12 x Windmills
  4. Each pax led a stretch

Partner up

  1. 10 x Partner get ups
  2. bear crawl half way across field
  3. squat broad jumps the rest of the way
  4. 10 x curl ups at bottom of hill
  5. sprint to top of hill
  6. 10 x squerkins
  7. sprint back to start
  8. Repeato

On the way back Jumanji and I noticed some giant rubber bands, which turned out to be two resistance bands, not left overs from a giants newspaper.

Time to modify this workout.

  1. Partner resistance across soccer field.  1 partner tries to spring, while the other applies resistance – Felt like Rocky with the tire behind him….I may have called out some manly rocky stuff at this point…
  2. 3rd partner team ran a lap
  3. Rotate through until everyone is completely knackered

Attach both resistance bands to large post.

  1. 2 pax try to run as far as they can until the bands stopped them
  2. rest did mary exercises
  3. rotate through twice

Mosey to the new school to see what they had built for us.

  1. Peoples chair x 1min
  2. bike rack partner merkins x 10
  3. repeato

mosey to back of school – they did not build much for F3….

Curlups AMRAP

Mosey to right side

Quick feet down the small lines, the forward backward run through the bus lines

Mosey to park rd

Indian file back to main parking lot


We did some exercises

The Early Edition Moleskin

  1. I gotta say that I love working out early!
  2. Great opportunity for double downs in the future.
  3. Welcome to Disney Po Po and U-Haul!
  4. Great time working out with you men!