Kettlebells in the Sprintgime

On a beautiful Spring morning YHC had the honor of leading 7 of Tradition’s finest through a variety of exercises.  Looking at the group there was some serious muscle getting ready to get a beat down.  YHC did the best he could to push the group and keep it moving while also making time for some military approved style crunches as this is crunch month per the directive of AO @dingo who though not in attendance today, but whose directives were followed..

It went something like this;

Slow mosey around Island

Sidestraddle hops – 15 in cadence

Cotton picker – 15

Imperial Storm trooper – 15

Merkin jacks – 15

Windmill – 15

Hamstring stretches

Touch toes sitting down

Arm circles


Exercises with kettlebells

16 merkins (8 each arm)

6 kettlebell burpees

16 curls

8 upper arm curls

8 lower arm curls

16 military presses

16 kettle bell swings

16 lawn mower pulls

16 clean and jerks

16 sumo squats

Military approved sit-ups – 1 minute

short mosey

16 Squat presses

16 pullover

16 skull crushers

24 bench presses

20 goblin squats

8 kettlebell burpees

45 seconds of military approved style situps

Walk around parking lot with kettlebell raised

16 curls

8 upper arm curls

8 lower arm curls

Abs Workout

12 little baby crunches

12 low dollies

12 low flutters

12 squirms

12 Rosalitas

Congrats to all for pushing.  Lots of fun mumble chatter including cooking recipes from @Survivor and @R2D2, stock reports on Bojangles from Dick Tracy, guess food was on our minds and YHC adding extra curl exercise for the benefit of @Dutch so his M can next admire his increasingly bulging biceps.

Nice job @Concitto, @Preschool, @pongo and @Dick Tracy

@dick Tracy – you are moving up on the sit ups!  Great job!




4 thoughts on “Kettlebells in the Sprintgime

  1. Dutch

    Maximus not only putstogether a serious beat down he also adds color commentary that is extremely entertaining.!

    The pool opens this weekend and I am going out to look for a new bathing suit today to accentuate my physique… Especially my biceps Maximus! #thanksforcaringthanksforsharing

  2. Maximus_MECA Post author

    Thanks @ Dick Tracy and thanks @dutch. Was fun. @Dutch as we discussed I suggest you also get a tank top as you’re working around the yard. The M will be impressed!

  3. Shawshank_28078

    Hey F3rs … I greatly missed my time with you guys this morning. I also appreciate your prayers. Thanks @Dutch for calling to check on me tonight! See you once I’m “cleared” to get back … God bless each of you!!

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