It’s new to you!

An impressive 21 of the manlyest men in Harrisburg swarmed the Ridge to push themselves to a new level.

It doesn’t matter if we have done this before, it is still tough. Besides that, if you haven’t, it’s new to you!  You might remember a TV network using that as a pitch line when they didnt have anything new to show.  Since it has been just over a year since we did this one, it was time to break it out again.  I love reruns.

Warmarama: Mosey around the parking lot, high knees, butt kickers, skip cause @JackieChiles wanted to.

COP: In Cadence – Windmill x15, SSH x25, Air Squat (not back bends or plié [plee-AY] x20 Imperial Storm Trooper x15

Mosey until we get to the end of the parking lot when we wove(sp?) around the parking spaces.  Switch directions after the middle lane.  Mosey to Heart Rate Hill and line up.

The  great thing about F3, and life in general, is you will only get out of it what you are willing to put in.  If you want get stronger, you have to work harder.  If you want to “soft commit,” no problem, just make sure that your expectations are in line.

The Thing:

1 min of excercise, 10 seconds of rest. GO!

Elbow Plank
Carolina Dry Dock
Mountain Climber
Low Flutter
T Merkin (merkin with single arm extension at the top, alternating arms, think a fallen “T”)     WWII Situp
Clock Lunge (12′ 3′ 6′ 9′)
Walking Lunge

Mosey to the People’s Wall – same stopwatch

People’s Chair, Peter Parker

Sprint across the field and come back.

1 minute of M’Actar Ndye (sp), Turkish Getups

Mosey to the LP for Mary – In 4x cadence – Bicycle x20, LBC x25, Plank 1min with variations, Crunchy Frog via @solocup.


Moley moley moley skin

  • Always a pleasure to lead this group.  It is humbling.  Thank you for the opportunity.
  • Glad to see @Titlest eventually make it out.  If you can’t show up on time, show up when you can.
  • Thanks to @clueless for not laughing too hard when I butchered the Turkish Getup.  Also for reminding me of how to actually do it.  It has been a while.
  • I meant to do this in the COT… In January the challenge went out to read your Bible every day in 2015.  Have you stuck with it?  If you haven’t, start now.  Missing one day is not an excuse for missing another.
  • HC for The Bear here.

See you in the Gloom,

Banjo Boy

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  1. Casper

    It was new to me @BanjoBoy, don’t remember it from last year. Great variety. Many words of wisdom above, words and thoughts you share make us all better. Thanks.

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