10 run hungry pax showed up for an annual classic that in the past has been called “hunting for honeysuckle”.  The route is actually really tough, but the name of the “event” isn’t….as soon as you put the word “honeysuckle” in a sentence, that sentence then becomes not tough.  I love being out early in the morning this time of year and smelling all that blooming honeysuckle out there.  Well this morning we went into the belly of the honeysuckle beast – ground zero.  The densest place of honeysuckle I know of.

The Thang:

  1. Head to Christenbury traffic circle, then to closest entrance to Christenbury hood.  Head down, down, down, to the greenway which is actually 5 feet lower than death valley.
  2. Made it to the bridge before having to turn about.  Good news to the guys was that we were turning around.  Bad news was it was ALL uphill from there and we needed to pull off even splits to make it home on time.
  3. We all finished between 6:15 – and 6:17.  Not bad.  5.2 miles @ avg pace of 8:30.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Another rough day for Dog Catcher to “get back into this F3 thing.”  He kicked off his week wearing winter clothes and a trash bag at El Dorado and then joined us this morning in similar apparel.  While sometimes when you come back to F3 from a hiatus it feels like it is all uphill – today actually was.
  2. Lots of pax eschewing the metal chariot this morning.  Chavez’ first run to a workout from his new place, Tread and Snowman ran in, Skipper put in ~4 miles pre-workout, Frodo did ~2 pre-workout miles, and YHC rode his bike in.
  3. And how ABOUT that war daddy today?  Treadstone!  Nice work you old man.

3 thoughts on “SuckleHunt

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Tough run this morning guys. I will say that we covered some ground though! I think the 7:45 miles on the way down helped….

    1. Pox

      Nanny. Why didn’t you tell me. Every year I do the cruise once. And it’s always ‘uphill both way’ aka the honeysuckle I guess I’ll see you next year on the cruise.

  2. Chowder

    Whaaaat??!! A Snowman posting AND Treadstone is WD? Plus everyone eschewing the carbon burners for the calorie burners… As usual, wish I had posted (it’s never the other way around!)

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