Recovery for 6 Please

6 Faithful Harrisburg F3 men joined up this morning at town center for some stretch, balance, and core work. The printer was out of ink, so the Weinke was full-on laptop… sorry, no demo videos.

Warmup: SSH (IC) x16, IST (IC) x10, Windmill (IC) x10, #Disclaimer


Lower Body Progressive Stretches/Holds

  • Mtn pose, Prayer Hands, Forward Fold, Flat Back halfway lift, DownDog sequence, Runner’s Pose, Lunge sequence, Crocodile, UpDog,¬†Crescent, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Reverse (Peaceful) Warrior

Core Progressions

  • Low Plank Hold, Low Plank Toes In/Out, Low Plank Toes In/Out w/ Knees Up/Down, Superman, Superman Pulses, Superman w/ Lat Pulldown, Cat to Cow, Straight Leg Raises, Straight Leg Raises w/ same side hand to toe touch, Duel Leg Raise w/ hand touches, RocketMan, RocketMan w/ Pulses, ChildsPose

Upper Body Progressions

  • Arm Circles Forward/Backward & Big/Small, Arm Stretches Across/Overhead/Extended back w/ Hug, Yerpies, Dive Bomber Merkins, 4 Count Merkins, Spider Up Merkins



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning fellas. It is truly an honor.
  2. Nice work this morning PAX. Hopefully your body liked the work and recovery.
  3. Great to see @Creamsicle out this morning. Welcome back and looking forward to seeing you regularly. The weather warms up… and the Floridians come out of hibernation.
  4. Get well wishes & prayers for @BillyGoat’s oldest 2.0 recovering from a dog incident.
  5. HC for The Bear June 6th.

Keep Pushing – Clueless

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  1. RibShack

    Thanks for the lead @Cluess. I think you & @Othello should get “Staff” shirts. Definitely the professionals out there; your form is impeccable. That “slip n’ slide” merican looked like no big deal……as long as we were watching YOU do it!

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