Buckwheat-less Iron Fist

9 men showed up to Cruise or Iron Fist this morning.  Temperatures were perfect!  Very little humidity and nice and cool!  And 2 FNG’s!

We were lacking one thing…..A Q for Iron Fist?  Buckwheat where are you!!??  All good, I had the Cruise Q, but was happy to take the Iron Fist Q.  R2D2 went for a solo run around the golf course.

Mosey around the church

  1. SSH X 15
  2. IST X 15
  3. WINDMILL X 15


Each Pax led their favorite stretch – 8 total

Curl ups – AMRAP 1 minute

Mosey to picnic tables

  1. Dips – AMRAP 1 minute
  2. Decline Merkins 1 minute
  3. Repeato

Curl ups – Amrap 50 sec

  1. Decline Merkins – AMRAP 1 minute
  2. Step ups – AMRAP 1minute
  3. Repeato

Curlups – AMRAP 40 sec

  1. BTW with inverted merkins – 1 min
  2. Peoples chair with air press – 1min
  3. Repeato

Curl ups – AMRAP 30 sec


  1. Reverse crunch
  2. The Squirm
  3. LBC
  4. Low Dolly

The Moleskin

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to lead!
  2. Welcome to FNG’s Topple and Shawshank!!  It won’t get easier, but you will get stronger!
  3. Good to see @Striker back in the gloom on a regular basis!
  4. Get to EH’ing men!  There are a lot of guys out there that need F3!