Partner up for some Pain

14 strong stoners showed up for a perfect morning of pain. YHC appreciated the opportunity to workout and lead some other F3 brothers this morning and enjoy the benefits of a great AO.

Warmorama – mosey to the lit up parking lot behind the busses for:

SSH, IST, Peter Parkers, slow/low merks, Cotton Pickers: IC  x12, then some arm circles to get the blood working in all the extremeties.

The Thang: Mosey to the soccer field in front of school and PARTNER UP for 4 Square of Pain with a 5-10-15-20 ladder

Corner 1: Partner Derkins then run to:

Corner 2: For Partner throw downs then karaoke right to:

Corner 3: For Partner Squerkins- Glad these were done in the gloom– then run backward to:

Corner 4: for back to back Partner squats. Then karaoke left back to Corner 1-

Repeato up the ladder to 20.  Nice work men – way to push the last circuit!

Small plank break then  line up at the soccer goal post for PARTNER RELAYs

P1 runs to opposite Goal post and back while P2 works the 3 sets of exercises until P1 returns – Flapjack:     100 CDD’s, 100 Squats, 100 W’s. Gotta get our running in!

next off to the cone of silence steps for PARTNER bear crawls – up the stairs. P1 bear crawls up stairs while P2 holds his legs – run around circuit, then flapjack – x 2 circuits

Final Mosey to the Flag poles – for a PARTNER crunch. Air Force style sit ups 1 min – AYG.flapjack



Naked Moleskin –

Great to meet some new guys and workout at this spacious and interesting AO. Lots of variety choices here for a beatdown.

Bear – June 6th

Davis Lake Launch – end of May- at the DL pool area. EH someone you know in DL- plenty of sad clowns everywhere- who need F3!


6 thoughts on “Partner up for some Pain

  1. Kato

    Nice workout Dutch! I appreciate you coming out to Rolling Stone and you’re welcome back anytime.

    Great work by the PAX. This is my favorite time of the year….It’s not too hot and the sun starts to come up in the workout. Now I know what some of you look like.

    Looking forward run tomorrow. If you’ve not made it out yet, plan to give it a try tomorrow. It’s a nice, easy run and nobody gets dropped.

  2. Skipper

    @Dutch – Thanks for making the trek over and distributing the pain today, it was worth my trip. However, next time we should coordinate better. #savetheenvironmentandonesmellycarinsteadoftwo

    Great showing at #Rolling Stone! I’ve been fortunate to post for the past two Tuesdays and I’ve worked out with 22 different men. That’s an impressive number of pax and I know a few other regulars that weren’t there! I hope you guys stay committed and continue to grow. #springisEHtime

  3. Stretchy

    Thanks for the Q, I like the partner up workout. Except I giggle everytime I think about Sqerkins.

  4. Schnitzel

    Good Q, good to not be WD once in a while. Partner workout is fun, especially when one gets to beatdown a 2.0! Just don’t ask him to help you up.

  5. Sugar

    Nice to see you again Dutch! Thanks for the beat-down! It’s nice to have visiting Q’s and PAX from other AOs. Really enjoyed the new exercises although there are a few that I’m trying to wipe from my memory. I now know DJ better than I ever thought I would.

  6. Dutch Post author

    Guys it was a lot of fun this morning. Squrkins seem to be a big hit – Crazy as the name sounds it is an official exercise on the website. Maybe it will show up again one day soon.

    I hear it has some variations too!

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