31 Kings

Monday morning, May 11th,  21 pax met in the gloom at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Mint Hill to conquer 31 obstacles.


The Warmup

Quick mosey

Imperial Stormtroopers x 10

Side Straddle hop x 15

Windmills x 11


The Thang

a (slightly longer than) 1.5 mile run through the woods and around the soccer fields with 31 workout stations on the way:


20x mericans

10x squat jumps

squat plank

10x burpees

20x mountain climbers

20x LBC’s

Bear crawl across bridge

10x pull-ups on bars

10x dips on bars

10x mericans

squat planks

10x diamond mericans

15 x side straddle hop

squat planks

10x squat jumps

15 x lbc’s


bear crawl up tennis court hill, jog down

do it again

do it again

15 x mericans

15 x side straddle hop

15 x lbc’s

10 x squat jumps

lunges for 25 yards


10 x mountain climbers

10 x side straddle hop

5 x burpees

10 x mericans



10 x ww2 situps

(Not sure what the name of this was, but we’ll call it 2 minutes of torture by deuce)

20x lbc’s




1. Great workout, all! The idea for this morning’s 31 obstacles came from Joshua chapter 12, where there is a list of 31 kings that the Israelites defeated when they entered Canaan. Great reminder to look back at what God has done in my life  with Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

2. Some talk of prairie dogs while doing squat planks in the woods… didn’t see any, didn’t know they were native to Charlotte.

3. toughskins gave the best count for lbc’s of all time- “20 lbc’s… on your own!”

3. Announcements: sign up to help in the Mint Hill Parade if you can. Also, Deuce is going to host a bootcamp at Veteran’s Park this Wednesday, 0530.


2 thoughts on “31 Kings

  1. Deuce

    Great beatdown, Capri! I know you made a lot of fans with the Burpees and LBCs on the gravel road. I call my little torture session the Homer-to-Marge Merry Medley.

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