Inaugural Going of The Distance

A group of 5 brave men posted for the first ever 6:30 AM Sunday run henceforth known as “The Distance.”  Why were they brave?  Well, because it was Mother’s Day and if they did not run fast enough, they would get home AFTER the kids were out of bed and that just would not go over well…

The Thang:

  1. Bear route out past the fire station across incomplete bridge to Johnston Oehler.
  2. Over to I485 roundabout by Aldi, across Prosperity on to Ridge.
  3. Then on to some virgin territory – exploring the Oehler 160 acres with our tour guide Chopper.
  4. HC Prkwy back to HCES.

The Moleskin:

  1. We had a strong start but then went a man down when BOS had to drop due to some ailment issues.
  2. Averaged 8:49 over the 6.5 miles.
  3. Highlight for me was our tour of Oehler land.  Goats, peacocks, tractors, chapels, etc…..  A really cool area in there.  Can’t wait for the long promised evening when Chopper invites us all over for a few beers….

1 thought on “Inaugural Going of The Distance

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Love the Sunday run. Slow and easy. Emptying the physical tank prior to church seems to put the spiritual tank in a place ready to be filled.

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