Introducing… The Hunter Run

Yeah, I’m taking a flyer here and am separately branding the run prior to #TheDistance… so, with seven or eight or maybe nine (if you include our to-be-named-later mystery PAX whose cars were in the lot but whose feet were not) gathered in the gloom, we launched on the first of many Hunter Runs… equal parts LSD and insanity. With all respect to Dr. Thompson, the LSD is for Long Slow Distance and the insanity is that it’s 0530 on a Sunday… Mother’s Day Sunday… and you can double down. Not to mention, the BB titles will write themselves… The Run Diaries… Fear and loathing in Highland Creek… this just may call for a convergence with the Rolling Stoners…

Let’s run…

Out the manicured rabbit hole and left on HCP… head to 485 traffic circles and make the large loop around the extreme perimeter, past Aldi, through the villas, and back to HCP with a Beau Vista adder to get us to a nice 6+ miles for the morning.

Back in time for a BOM before hitching wagons to The Distance train… or the train heading home.

– Great numbers this a.m. If I missed anyone (I think it was 7 PAX but felt like 8), please chime in to let me know.
– YHC is expecting even bigger posting #s in future weeks since we had several bails due to Mother’s Day obligations; good men… we’ll see you next week though.
– Mystery PAX were the ‘burg’s own Hootie and BBQ who pulled up stakes at 0500. Welcome fellas. If we had known, we’d have… wait. Nah! We wouldn’t have done anything different.
– Solid pace across the crew. S&R was hoping for a nice relaxed 10:00 pace, but we kept clipping off low 9’s instead… and the rest of the crew was pulling away steadily the whole way. If this is where we start, I look forward to seeing what September holds…
– Could still use a few more guys to round out the BRR teams.
– Remember, these are easy paced and primarily to build/acclimate to distance and the pounding on the body. No need to race these miles. We’ll add an afternooner later this summer. Cap it off with some El D’s on Mondays and you’ve got your three legs in 24 hrs. Check.