Early Edition @ Tradition

17 Men in search of a beatdown and bacon arrived at Tradition at 6:00am today.  Man Down and I were worried that it would just be the two of us out there this morning.  But F3 NEVER disappoints!!  17 to an impromptu workout!  Thats awesome!

Today had a theme, yes @Gump, a theme.  Accountability among men.  At 7:30 there is a StoneBridge breakfast that @Dutch put together where 80 or so men will dive in to some bacon and what REAL accountability means.  F3 is a great example of REAL accountability!  How do you get accountability?  I’m glad you asked

The Thang;

It was 5:56am and there were 4 or 5 of us standing around and I was happy that it was not just Man Down and I(he is kinda creepy).  Then the cars just started rolling in, we even got 2 more at 6:01 during the warm up lap!  With Kemosabe sporting his nipple hugger, we were ready to go!

SSH x 15

Enough warm up!  I wanna see what Man Down has planned for us!  I should mention that this was a Co-Q, with Man Down taking 15 mins, then YHC taking 15, then MD 10, then YHC 10.

Man Down got us going with a little scripture and a whole lot of pain.  From memory we did;


  1. Merkin shoulder taps
  2. Partner getups
  3. Partner push
  4. Partner pulls
  5. 1 partner sprint the lot, the other does merkins, flapjack until you get 100.

Something happened here with Prison Fruit and Trail Mix.  Not sure, but PF seemed disappointed that they had not finished their merkins, and ™ seemed disappointed that he was the only pax left running……..#accountibilitylacking

Mand Down hands over the Q-reigns to YHC

Mosey to the bottom of the stairs.  Stay with your partner, but partner up again with another partner duo, making a foursome(So much better than a threesome!)

As a foursome complete the following;

  1. 300 Squerkins
  2. 200 back to back squats
  3. 100 pull ups
  4. 1 half of the foursome is always running up the stairs and back around the trail

This was hard!  I knew the squerkins would be hard, but the b2b squats were HORRIBLE!!  At this point smile was brought to YHC’s face as he heard the mutterings……you suck Dingo…..This sucks….etc

Hand Over to Man Down

Mosey to the Outback and grab a cinderblock and stay in your partnership

  1. Partner 1 Curl ups AMRAP
  2. Partner 2 bear crawl as far as you can, lunge walk the rest, crawl bear up the hill, sprint back
  3. Flapjack
  4. Partner 1 Shoulder press AMRAP
  5. Partner 2 Crabwalk the WHOLE way, 10 Jump Squats and Sprint back
  6. Flapjack

At this point I start to develop true feelings of hate for Man Down!!  This workout is a killer!  How can I make the last 10 mins as unbearable hard as the first 45??  ADD BACON!!

Mosey over to the Church.  Back into your foursome

  1. 2 pax do Curlups – AMRAP
  2. 2Pax run opposite ways around the Church, when you meet – 10 Reverse Cunches
  3. Flapjack
  4. Rinse and Repeat

So, I had no idea that when got to the backside of the Church we would be hit in the face, like roo hitting a bullbar, by the intoxicating smell of pig!  Dutch was inside cooking up a feast for the mens breakfast!  Not only was the smell like diving into a swimming pool of vegiemite(Awesome!), it reeked havoc on our hunger.  How to make this work out harder?  Realise just how friggin hungry you are……..

Man Down led some Mary

The Bacon Dipped Moleskin;

  1. Great turnout!  Man Down and YHC had a lot of fun leading the workout today.  We will be back for a second performance soon!  Hopefully no threesome for Man Down…..that was kinda weird…..
  2. A lot of guys really pushing out there today!  Oh, except for the 8 or so who thought they were at a FiA workout towards the end…….swap recipes AFTER the workout ladies 😉
  3. Starting next weekend there will be a 6:00-7:00 workout at MCP as well as the 7:00-8:00 workout.  Double down anyone?!!
  4. There were some other announcements, but I can’t remember them……
  5. Love your wives tomorrow!  Love your Mothers also!  Go crazy, surprise them with something they would never expect!  Maybe as simple as taking them to that romantic movie you really don’t want to see, but she really does!  In short, be the husbands and fathers we a re called to be!



4 thoughts on “Early Edition @ Tradition

  1. Man Down

    “Like a roo hitting a bullbar”…loved that! I think you had more fun writing this BB than Qing the workout! 🙂

  2. Prison Fruit

    @Trailmix and I were just finishing strong! We had 10 merkins to go when I got back from the lap… So like the #strongmen we are, I dropped, and he took off running! What’s the matter with finishing strong and completing the thang?? Nothing, because that’s what partners do!

    That bacon smelled, and tasted so awesome!! Great morning; thanks for the impromptu beatdown to correlate with the b-fast!

    1. Dingo Post author

      I can only report on what I see 😉 the Truth, or the Facts, may be entirely different from what my mind sees 😉

      You guys were pushing strong brother! No doubt!

  3. Dutch

    Dingo and man down great theme for the workout!
    We were not meant to go through life alone and there is power in connecting with other men !

    F3 is a great example of that and the beat down looked painfully awesome!

    We fed over 60 guys on Saturday and or able to show them the F3 video. Buckwheat and R2-D2 did a great job sharing their testimony of what F3 means to them

    Great work by all on Saturday. Pass it on to others.

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