R2D2’s VQ impromptu…it was a KB burnout!

After doing a “who’s Q”?  R2D2 valiantly and confidently stepped forward ( or we all stepped back) to lead his first Q – albeat Impromtu!  and 8 Strong men listened to ” disclaimer” and off we went on a mosey around the church ending in a circle for warmorama. Little did we know — nor did the Q at this time that we were in for a serious KB burnout.


SSH, IST, Perfect Merkins, Mountain climbers – all or partially IC

Mosey to our KB’s for the impromptu Thang- This is where Yhc gets a little fuzzy on the order.

Rack KB’s to corner of Church for KB Curls, then KB lunge walks to next corner— starting to feel the BURN.

Next Corner- on 6 for 3 sets of 20 chest presses- w/ 5 second break between.- BURN intensifying.

Then rack KB to corner of pkg lot by playground for 3 sets of deep KB squats w/ 10 second break- BURN in legs promoting some good grunts and groans by PAX.

Then off to the Outback- where we get surprised by pull up bars – no KB’s required! Partner Pull ups 3 sets of 10 w/ assist- full extension. Forearms are BURNing.

then as a bonus. Dutch mentions the Dingo Curl ups— So we go for 1min. AYG and get rewarded with a BURNING sensation in the core abs..

Added bonus feature– repeat of the  Partner pull ups– Forearms are on Fire.

Finally R2D2 relents- due to time constraints and we circle up for MARY – some led by Mr. Burn and some led by PAX.

Maximus makes the comment something like – That was a intense workout- I’d hate to see what R2D2 had in store if he was prepared!



Naked moleskin:

Way to step up R2- and way to provide a good burnout on a Friday- so we can be painfully aware of your VQ all weekend. See you all at the bkfst – 7:30am – sign up if you remember. There will be a bunch of great guys there including F3’s – Dutch is helping w/ the bkfst, so all should get something good to eat!

Conchito- Tclaps brother- your loss of 22lbs is noticeable! you have come  a long way since we ran together on that Saturday morning. Keep it up brother!

Survivor – way to push through the pull ups of pain- burning sensation is normal! Keep posting brother!

Safe Travels home to Dick Tracy… I think I see pounds being shed here too brother- keep posting!

All other PAX – great to see you. I really enjoy this # in the group- we get to know each other better!

Posted by Dutch for R2D2.

3 thoughts on “R2D2’s VQ impromptu…it was a KB burnout!

  1. The Farm

    R2D2! Sorry I missed it brother! Ironic that I was just asking if you’ve Q’d yet. Excellent….. 😉

  2. Dick Tracy

    That workout should be called “Kidney Stones” as in @R2D2’s Unknown, Unanticipated Pain … thanks for everyone’s support. Back home until Thursday. See you guys again on Friday.

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