Open Thank You Letter from Blackout

***The following letter is from F3 Lexington’s Blackout addressed to the pax of F3 Lexington & F3 Nation***

First of all let me say thanks to all of my F3 brothers. This started for me when I got EH’d in the hidden AO (The Farm) by “No Show”. I made my first workout on a Saturday (10/4/14) @ Graveyard. Unfortunately, for me “No Help” was on Q. He introduced me to the Burpee that day, and I hate it as much now as I did then. I was struggling, out of breath, about to vomit, but you guys never left me alone at the six. Every new person hears that little phrase. “Don’t worry it won’t get any easier, but you will get better”. I wanted to give this F3 thing up, It was too early in the morning (lie), I was too out of shape (truth), and my schedule won’t allow it (lie). I was looking for any excuses, and none really fit. It kept coming back to me just being a lazy, sad clown. I won’t call it harassment now (because I thought it then), but the very next Friday night my “Flip Phone” was blowing up with texts about Saturday’s workout. I tried to think of every reason not to roll out of the fartsack. I now appreciate you guys pushing me so hard. So I went out the next week again for a Bulldog Q (10/11) @ Graveyard. I remember flipping logs up and down the field for what seemed to be forever. I thought my shoulder or back was going to fall apart, but they never did. The weird thing was that in the middle of the gloom surrounded by all this suck, I was having fun. I picked a terrible time to insert myself into this weird group. It was beatdown after beatdown (Crapper/Blindside-football nightmare, Ken Doll-always a nightmare). At that point I had realized that I really needed F3, I had swallowed enough “Red Pills” to commit to a mid week AO (Crypt). My first taste of Crypt was a Fracture mini-Reaper treat. It finally hit me that it really doesn’t get any easier out here no matter where you work out. But you do get better. And you are surrounded by great men. It has been a privilege to be around you guys for these few months. The amount of good will that is spread through F3 is amazing. The respect and care that this brotherhood has for each other, their families, and these communities is something I am proud to be a part of. Exercising @ 5:15AM, Bible Study @ 4:40AM, Q’ing a workout (VQ-Boneyard(5/7/15). I would have taken any bet anyone offered if you told me a year ago I would be doing this. So thanks to all you guys who have brought me along to where I am now. I’m not gonna lie I still don’t complete every rep during every workout, but I am “Better in every way”. I now have the privilege of EH’ing someone and getting them involved with something that I know is very special. Thanks again guys for your dedication, accountability, and friendship. See you in the gloom.

Todd Coker (Blackout)

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  1. Dredd

    Aye Brother. Very glad you are with us . . . now go get some more SadClowns and bring them in the Circle.

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