My Fav – Three Man Grinders

15 men joined in the gloom to see what YHC had to offer. I thought there would be a larger crowd but hey, whatever. Dingo? Dingo? Guess he is a no show this am. Anywho, it’s get started. Sorry Belding, I started at 5:32, my fault. Blame it on Dingo.

Lap around the church to pick up the later arrivals. Cough Cough @TheFarm


Merkins x10
Mountain Climbers x10
Plank Jack x10

Three Man Grinders…Each set for 5 minutes

Hurpees and Jump Squats
Merkins and Squats
Mountain Climbers and Low Dolly
8 Count Builder Builders and LBC

Run to side of church for the following

Catalacachoochoo x2

Plank Walk Ride Side
Plank Walk Left Side

Run to PL

Pretzel Crunch
Low Flutter
Close Grip Merkins
Mason Twist
Diamond Merkins
Homer to Marge
Carolina Dry Docks


– Thanks for joining me this morning men. We had a lot of #Respects this morning and you men kept the train going.
– To those men that #fartsacked, well you missed out. Maybe next time you can join in on the fun.
– Reminder that the @f3Tradition Family Day has been canceled, I will not comment on why…

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  1. The Farm

    Thanks for the beatdown Mustard! I actually had a legit excuse this morning! Fire trucks in the neighborhood. Even though I was late, I still posted (looking at you Dingo).

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