Like dropping a dime in a diner jukebox

The Snare Dare… Hash House Harriers… Some sort of team accumulation of points… Yes, there have been many a creative Cruise. Unfortunately, YHC isn’t the most creative PAX and when he tries to be, y’all know what happens (#dodgingthelexicon.)

But that didn’t stop a baker’s dozen of @Highlands #Faithful (that IS in the lexicon) from posting to take advantage of near perfect running conditions. The mood became uneasy as the launch time approached. The anxious PAX muddled about wondering if they’d have a Q-less repeato from yesterday. Fear not, my mighty Highlands Harriers… YHC emerged from the manicured Rabbit Hole (it’s a thing @Nanny) like a drug mule coming ashore on the Fort Lauderdale sands, depositing his stash on the beach in lieu of his connection posting to take receipt (uh, @Nighthawk? Nighthawwwk???) Nothing gets one buzzed quite like a hit from a new custom designed shirt… right @Tread? Not that Stoli would know… #smedium. Enough ambling about… time to take control of this… Thang:

Loop around to pick up @JLo who arrived on @Stoli time… who actually arrived early to meet his “two-years between posts” (#RegionalRecord) @FNG_Sean (sp?) who he had told to be there at 0525. Of course, @Stoli posted at 0526… right on Stoli time.

In lieu of creativity, stick with what works… tap a throwback… like grabbing your bowling shoes and dropping a dime in the jukebox… you’re guaranteed to get a solid tune. So, let’s hit the crowd favorite 201 Route with Painstations along the way to keep the crew together… haven’t done that in a while.

– Merkins x 10 IC in the Villas
– Freddie Mercury x 15 IC at the roundabout
– Low slow squats x 15 IC in Falcon Crest (yes, I know that’s the TV show)
– LBC x 19 IC at the start of @Conchito’s mole tunnel
– Plank at HCES until everyone returns (just a few minutes shy @Nanny2.1’s 23:00 #RegionalRecord)


– Davis Lake is launching on May 30 – send your EH’s and questions to @Skipper and @TheFarm
– Want to run a marathon in October? See @Skipper for details on joining his St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital Team
– The Shield – tonight – 2000 (that’s 8:00pm for us civies) at Bootstrap’s casa (see daily email for address); @Frodo guarantees a phenomenal speaker (i.e., as he says, “not @Frodo”)
– New “Catchy-name” Sunday Run officially goes live this coming weekend with or without a name; 0630 at HCES – time to start #BRRTraining (or maybe just get some 2nd F with @Dropcloth)

Naked Man Moleskin
– Good numbers in the gloom. Let’s keep it going. Definitely need to build some mileage for this fall
– The PAX stayed pretty tight, especially early on… great job to everyone. @BOS – way to shake off @BOS2.0_Musicbox’s karate kick to the kidneys and persevere to the end… though maybe don’t go 3-1/2 weeks between runs either. And T-claps to @Pav for keeping him company.
– I left with exactly as many BRR shirts as I did when I arrived (almost ended that line with a preposition to see if @Chavez noticed.)
– It literally kills me that we still haven’t rounded out the 12-man BRR team… anyone want in? See @TheNanny…

7 thoughts on “Like dropping a dime in a diner jukebox

  1. BBQ

    @Chowder – HCES = Highland Creek Elementary School, right? Other AOs invited to post? Might be able to do some Sunday AMs.

    1. Chowder Post author

      Aye BBQ – you are correct on both the AO as well as all F3 PAX welcome! 0630 launch for now, though may move to an 0600 start as the weather gets warmer and the mileage gets longer…

      1. Kato

        When do you guys typically wrap up the Sunday cruise? I have 9AM church so it may be a squeeze. Any thoughts on starting earlier….like maybe 5:30?

  2. Stoli

    Hey, I was proud of my 0526 arrival! It seemed to take forever (3.5 minutes) for us to start.

    Shawn, now “Dyngus”, has some interest in BRR! I told him no more 1 year gaps in between posts!

  3. Stoli

    Also, FYI… Dyngus Day, the annual post-Lenten bash, attracts tens of thousands to Buffalo, New York to celebrate spring, show Polish pride, flirt with pussy willows and listen to the best polka bands in the nation.

    You’re welcome, F.K.A Shawn.

  4. Skipper

    @Chowder – I don’t know how I missed this BB last week, but its a good one! The run was good too, I always like when we can keep the team together and increase the 2nd F. #runningisfun

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