Strikers Q or Pharoah’s Q?? They don’t even know….

20 men showed up for what was a quite confusing morning.  As @Striker was getting ready to lead, @Pharoah pulled out his #weinke.  2 Q’s for one workout?  Both were confused as some sort of swap was arranged, but neither seemed to remember the details of the swap.

So it was definitely not a hard 5:30 start – First slap on the wrist 😉

Striker finally takes the lead, then quickly asks Pharaoh to lead some stretching……the confusion continues……

Broga – Pharoah

Striker takes over and we do some warm ups

Mosey to the Outback

15-10 ladder

  1. Cinderblock merkins
  2. Cinderblock squat
  3. Pull ups
  4. Cinderblock clean and press

Mosey back to parking lot……and heres where it got even more confusing……

@Striker tells us to line up along this line for sprints.  Everyone lines up.  @striker then points in another direction and says run around the Church + 10 burpees???  What happened to the sprints???

Mary exercises – we did some

@striker call DONE

@Dingo hears the rumbling in the Pax……What about our curl ups??……@Strikers face tells the whole story, he never reads the emails…….@Dingo takes over and each Pax does 10 curl ups each…….@Gazelle made @Dingo do 11……

The Moleskin;

  1. Twas a good, confusing workout!  And know I am doing the BB??  What is going on today??
  2. Keep Col Mustard in you prayers.  He lost his Grandmother unexpectantly last week.
  3. Keep @Striker and his family and co-workers in your prayers.  A co-worker was shot over the weekend.  He is recovering.
  4. May 9 Mens Breakfast @Stonebridge @7:30am.  F3 Family day @MCP @12:00

8 thoughts on “Strikers Q or Pharoah’s Q?? They don’t even know….

  1. The Farm

    The soft 5:30am start was perfect for me!

    I was also confused about lining up for sprints. Also, I think adding the cinder blocks really confused Pharaoh. “Is this Iron Fist? Is today Wednesday?”

  2. Pharaoh

    It was however a tough workout! I truly appreciated Striker leading the gesture of the PAX in doing the partner drag in respect of the actions of Officer O’Neil

  3. Maximus_MECA

    I am laughing reading these comments but I was not laughing doing the 15 – 10 ladder non stop. That was tough. Thanks Striker and Pharoah for a solid beatdown!

  4. BlindDate

    Good to see you @Striker. Great beatdown. Those partner drags were no joke…it is just an unfamiliar and awkward position. Fortunately for me, @GentleGriz is as light as a feather.

    The ladders were no joke. Whether @Pharoah wants to call it Iron Fist or Bootcamp, all I know is that hurt regardless.

    Had @Pharaoh had the Q, I think we were all in store for a full 45 minutes of the Squirm.

    Welcome Sergei (FNG).

  5. Striker

    @Pharaoh had the Q and he graciously allowed me to proceed with alittle help from him. I called him out and he took care of business.

    @dingo, thanks for writing this misQ up and making it sound as good as it could.

    I needed to do this, get my mind focused on something else. I enjoyed being back at the tradition for my 3 day shy of one year mark.

    Hope to see everyone on Saturday if I get off early enough.

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