No fartsacking today

Days like today YHC is thankful for F3. With little sleep, YHC got up and thought “maybe I’ll show up, no one will be there, and ‘unfortunately’ I’ll return home to the fartsack. A little extra sleep would be nice.”

No way, not the HB PAX. Not only were 2 members already putting in pre-workout miles (Tclaps @Nautilus and @Bull) but 4 others join in for a total of 7 PAX on morning that couldn’t have been much better to run. By the end, everyone was more than awake.

1600m not-so-mosey

Interval ladder 400m / 800m / 1200m / 1200m / 800m / 400m
2 minute recovery mosey between intervals

400m mosey



  • Appreciate the PAX coming out this AM and keeping YHC from slacking. The extra kick in the pants is needed. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.
  • All around the entire PAX was working hard and never quit – impressive work.
  • Read this week the benefits of interval training, it said “middle-distance intervals stress your capacity to consume oxygen, recycle lactate and resist the major physiological causes of muscle fatigue at high running speeds. [In other words…] it enables you to sustain faster speeds for longer periods of time.”
  • Movies in the Park tonight. HB Park, be there, bring the family, help us EH more FNGs.
  • @Murtaugh mentioned a blood drive happening THIS Saturday from 10-2 in downtown Concord. Only 17 folks registered and need a lot more. Sound off in the comments if you can step up.
  • Get plugged in with the F3 Mint Hill launch. Parade May 23rd and official launch June 13th (details in links)

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