Gump Starts

15 dudes showed up for Speed, apparently @Stoli time=not posting

I am not creative so we hit the track, for what was going to be a pyramid

jog behind school to track

200m jog back to start




here is where we got thrown off course

The 1600, due to pax thinking that was too far of a distance for Speed, became a partner 400 relay

Repeato but with a different partner

Stride to the 100m start doing “Google Butts” or apparently bun shapers to everyone else

100m with fast group and everyone else group

repeato minus “Google Butts”

have 2nd F on walk back to middle lot for @Skipper or is it Skip or Skippy? (He is new so I can’t remember) led Low Flutters

@Kato with the great close out.

– That was fun, as always I love speed great group of guys.

-Threw in so rolling Gump Starts cause I miss @Gump

-Glad we switched to the relay it was fun and I think guys pushed harder due to the team aspect

-If I am coming in 4th and then 3rd in the fast 100M group somebody is not trying their hardest.

– I was actually a bit nervous for this Q as I said I am not fast and don’t really know how to train for speed, actually drove around HC trying to find an alternative to the track but found nothing.

-I am guilty of this we have to stop inviting really fast guys they are killing my confidence

-Great seeing the Tradition guys

’til next time


5 thoughts on “Gump Starts

  1. Stoli

    Does “audit-sack” qualify? full return next week starting with El Dorado. See you then!

    1. Winnebago Post author

      Approved, I have inside knowledge that El Dorado will be good Monday. @Mortimer on the Q

  2. Dingo

    It was good to see the Highlands Pax outnumber the Tradition Pax this week! #asitshouldbe

    Im not gonna say I enjoyed that, as I would be lying. I was very glad when you decided against the 1600 solo runs! Sorry to Mario and The Nanny for having to partner with me…..You’ll get a better partner next week!

    Speaking of Mario, some serious speed shown on the 2nd leg of the 1600 relay!!

    Always feel like I have accomplished something after a Speed workout!

  3. Gordo

    I agree with@dingo… Speed does make you feel like you workout extra hard.

    @winnebago- that was a good one. I felt discomfort doing it but no pain no gain.

    @skipper and @chavez, enjoying partnering with each of you.

    Lots of fast forty something year olds out there and really fast 30 and 20s! Great to keep pushing each other.

  4. Skipper

    @Winnebago – It was great to finally meet you. I think I like this 3F thing. I will come back next week.

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