Who forgot the watch?

Nine Stoners took off this morning once we figured it had reached 5:30…The weather was about perfect (I have a tendency to forget the cold once spring hits, so I need to remind myself) and it went a little something like this:

The thang:

Mosey around to the bus lot for some warmup.

SSH x 15

Cotton Picker x 15

IST x 15

Mosey over to the elementary school front lot.

Side to side parking space touches x 25

Front to back hops x 25

Side to side hops x 25


Mosey to the wood retaining wall.

Incline merkins x 10

Step ups each leg x 10

decline merkins x 10

Mosey over to the basketball courts.

Google but lunges (yeah I don’t know what he really calls them), 5 burpees, plank walk, 5 burpees.

Over to the wall for peoples chair, air presses x 10.

Back to the courts for a little “Mary in the middle.”

Freddie mercury x 10

Pretzel crunch x 10, flapjack x 10

Homer to Marge

Up for some prisoner squats.

Plank/peoples chair while one pax sprints around both courts.

Find a line for front to back hops x 25 and side to side x 25.

Sprint’s mid line to opposite far foul line x 5 (or six?)

Follow the leader for some lunge walks, toy soilders.

Prisoner squats on way back toward the Middle School.

Stop for some side to side parking space touches x 25

Mosey back to the Middle school wood fence for some incline merkins x 10.

Finish up with some quite cadance Mary right at 6:09 (see I can do this without a watch, ha).

LBC x 15

Freddie mercury reverse x 10 (didn’t want you to miss out or be unbalanced).

Low Flutter x 10

Low Dolly x 10

X’s to O’s x 5

That exercise I hate x 15.

Iron Cross to end it with Sparknut taking the VT.


1. Keep June 6th on your calendar for The Bear.

2. If you want to go to Haiti, hard commit now!!!!

3. Great seeing all you guys this morning, enjoyed the 2nd F.

4. Shout out to @Stretchy for the PT help for us at the end. We are going to work on our CBF.

5. Shoutout to all the missing Pax, get back after it. Message to all Pax, signup to Q.

6. Impressed by the speed on the Sprints today!


6 thoughts on “Who forgot the watch?

  1. Stretchy

    Great job Q, liked the sprints at the time. (Not as much now, soreness has set in).

    Who needs a watch!

    @PAX let me know if you have any issues, I am happy to answer any questions.

    1. Schnitzel

      @Stretchy – I am familiar with C.B.W, but I haven’t heard of C.B.F. Was that a typo or is it another Chronic Butt disorder that needs addressing?

      Sorry to miss, alarm was set, and probably went off, but I don’t recall the series of events from the early morning hours. Until Tuesday…

      1. Kato

        Schnitzel…great news! You don’t have to wait until Tuesday. There’s a Speed workout tomorrow, a bootcamp workout on Saturday, and El Dorado or a Mettle workout (you pick) on Monday.

  2. Loco

    Awesome workout LawDawg. I wasn’t joking in my mumble chatter about not having done that kind of work since high school. I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow which for me is always a measure of a successful workout!

  3. Sugar

    Nice workout LawDawg! Forgot the cold AND your watch?! I agree with Stretchy, enjoyed the sprints until about mid morning!

  4. WaterBoy

    Sorry to miss guys. Some kind of respiratory thing had me beatdown the last few days. I’ll be back in action Tuesday!

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