In lieu of Col. Mustard who had to leave yesterday due a loss of a family member, (Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers) Pavarotti with Google leading warm up and Mary did their best to fill some large shoes and keep 20 or so of Highlands finest  heartrate up for a fast 45 min.

Warm UP (Google)

Mosey with High legs, Stoli skips and side skips to middle parking lot.

SSH X 20

Windmill X 20

Imperial Squat Walker x 10

Merkins x 15

The Thing (Pavarotti)

Mosey to bus parking lot and line up on far line facing playground.

10 to 1 ladder in cadence

Sprint to other side of parking lot with dips and sprint back to other side for merkins.

Mosey to side of school – Partner up.

Partner 1 – Step ups Partner 2 Modular loop with Bear Crawl on ramps. Repeato x 3.

Mosey to Basketball courts.

Partner 1 LBC Partner 2 Suicides Repeat for 3 baskets.

2nd Round

Partner 1 Carolina Dry Dock Partner 2 Suicides to the 2 far baskets.

3rd Round

Partner 1 line up at first basket. Partner 2 line up at far basket.

Partner 1 all out sprint to partner 2. Then Partner 2 all out sprint to first basket.

Mosey to Mary

Mary (Google)

Low Flutter x 30

Pretzel Crutch x 15 each side.

Low Dolly  x 25

Circle leg raise 3 rounds.



Please keep Col Mustard and his family in your prayers. We also learned Grinder lost  a family member as well. Please lift his family up in prayer as well.

I think everyone got a solid beatdown in the gloom this AM. Pavarotti did a great job in keeping the heartbeat up this AM with all the sprints he had us running. Mumble chatter was a no-show this AM as @chowder or @chopper decided to remain in the #fartsack. That is OK as the sprints would have cancelled it out anyways! Thanks for the partner @Ponyboy

Thanks Hammer for leading the group in prayer. #strongwords.

Due to the last minute assignment we forgot to bring pad and paper to write down the PAX list. I will do my best to include names, but sound off below to be accounted for. (@skipper do not yell at me)



4 thoughts on “Sprint-o-rama…

  1. Grinder

    Definitely loved/hated the suicides at the end. Lots of fast men out there this morning.

    Thank you all for your support. It felt great to get back out there today.


    1. Charmin

      Excellent workout today. Took all I had to get out of bed and into the gloom. As we all know 1 hour later we are so glad we made it.

      @Grinder – Thanks for sharing the story about your father in law. If we can leave this world and have people remembering us for having a #CanDo attitude I would say we left a great legacy.

  2. Skipper


  3. El Guapo_MECA

    Good workout guys, loved/hated the sprints. Thanks Alcatraz, Nanny and Goggle for the shoe, book and stretching recommendation for Parliament and I

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