The Streets

5 of Harrisburg’s finest gentlemen came out for a run, between 4.25-4.75 miles. (no burpees today!)

The route:
Head down Main St
Right on Roberta
Left at Rocky River Crossing
Right on Morehead
Left on Carving Tree (go up hill, loop around and come back to Morehead)
Right on Morehead
Left on Patricia
Left on Autumn Dr
Left on Parallel
Left on Roberta
Straight on Main St and back to home base.

1. Thanks for the laughs and stories, guys. Always nice hearing about the streets of the Burg, where Banjo Boy and Jackie Chiles grew up.
2. Great snippets of conversation about vasectomies! Good laughs.
3. Good to see some newer faces…or maybe I don’t run enough? :p
4. For the record, we finished right at 6:15. It may be the turning over of a new leaf…I haven’t lead a workout that went over time in months!

7 thoughts on “The Streets

  1. Dingo

    Good to see Helga’s name in the pax list! You are missed at Tradition but we are glad you have found a new home at Harrisburg AO!

  2. Deuce

    Tradition’s loss is my back pain. I had to fireman’s carry Helga across the soccer field yesterday, twice! But really, we’re are real glad to have him in the pax.

    1. Helga

      Ha! Thanks, Deuce! I know I wouldn’t have wanted to fireman’s carried myself (2x) across a soccer field. Hopefully in a month or so I’ll be a bit lighter!

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