Highland Cruise Hashers

An unlucky 13 posted for an attempt at an F3 Highland Creek Hash Run.  What’s a Hash Run?  Well, the men today got a small taste, but it didn’t quite go as planned.

The #Hare Thang:  YHC recruited @TheNanny to join him and launch 15 minutes early to leave a trail for the #Hounds.

The #Hounds found the following instructions on the back of the Skipper-mobile:

Ahoy! And thanks for posting at #F3 Highlands Cruise Hash Run!  Today you are a Hound.  Your goal is to catch the Hare (hint…he’s wearing a Skipper hat).  Follow the trail (chalk, paper, clues, etc.)  Work as a team.  You don’t have to run at the same pace, fast guys can sprint ahead and help locate/navigate the trail for the #six.

If you see a  (Circle with check mark in it)   that means you need to check in all directions for the continuation of the trail.

A   (Square with X in it)   means wrong way, and there might be a penalty associated (penalty written in box, like “10 burpees”).

0530 Release the Hounds!

Which direction do you start?  Answer: How does a Hare exit the HCES parking lot?


1.  What could go wrong?  Simple plan, just follow the trail written in chalk on the ground. The #Hares even hung out at the golf course to make sure the #Hounds found their way out of the “Rabbit Hole” (yes @TheNanny, the Highland pax know that the name of the shortcut into the HCES parking lot is the “rabbit hole” even though you had never heard it called that before today #frontrunner).

2.  The #Hounds were well illuminated (impressive headlamps, btw) and on their way down HC Pkwy following the laid out trail toward Skyline Dr.  Everything was happening according to plan…so the #Hares continued on their way through the golf course, over to McChesney, down to the Pkwy, Left on Clark Creek, Right on Legolas to @TheNanny’s house, all the while throwing down arrows to follow, a few check marks to make the #Hounds think twice and try alternate routes before finding “X”s to lead them back to the prescribed trail.  Everything was going perfect for the #Hares!  We were working up a good sweat and enjoying some 2nd F…

3.  Meanwhile, back in the pack of #Hounds…the trail had been lost at the bottom of Skyline (yes, that was the first “check mark” and real test for the #Hounds).  Unfortunately, a crucial “X” was missing on HC Pkwy.  Up Skyline there was an “X” that was found, across the Pkwy there was an Arrow (apparently wasn’t seen?) that pointed the way back to the golf course for the #Hounds.  But the one direction that wasn’t marked (YHC should have put an X down) was the direction the #Hounds ran toward the front of HC and not anywhere near the planned trail. #Harehindsight20/20

4.  Long story short, the #Hounds were supposed to follow the trail to @TheNanny’s house where there were instructions to leave @MTheNanny some creative 40th birthday wishes in her driveway with colored chalk, and then proceed back to HCES via the (clearly) laid out trail.

5.  As the #Hares were leaving the birthday girl’s house we decided it would be fun to back track and covertly watch the #Hounds as they navigated our trail…no #Hounds on this street…no #Hounds around that corner…no #Hounds anywhere in sight…uh oh, it’s late and we better high-tail it back to HCES for COT.

6.  Potential in the idea.  This could be a fun workout and will be attempted again.  Hopefully the #Hounds were able to get a decent run in and enjoy some 2nd F while cursing YHC.

7.  If you want to learn more about “hashing”, the Hash House Harriers, or similar, just google it (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers).  That’s where YHC got most of his info. There are even Hash groups around CLT.  Btw, hashers have a lot in common with F3ers (COT, nicknames, enjoy beer).

8.  A big part of the hash run is the bar at the end trail, so join the men of #F3MECA tonight at Carolina Ale House! (unfortunately both #Hares have prior family commitments tonight so you’ll have to curse them some more behind their backs, but over a pint!)


Skipper and The Nanny

7 thoughts on “Highland Cruise Hashers

  1. Frodo

    Skipper – Valiant effort and a great idea. Sorry all your effort turned out to be for naught. We should definitely do this again. The Hounds still spent a good bit of time running through the golf course. When we finally found the beginning of the trail (at the end of our run), there was quite a bit of disappointment. If only there was someone leading the Cruise next week to up the ante (and complexity @Chowder).

  2. The Nanny

    @Skipper T-claps for the idea and bringing something new to the Pax #WorkoutInnovation. Bad news is that the hounds never caught scent of the trail. Good news is that the hares won. I was very impressed with your chalk handwriting this morning. Maybe you missed your calling and should have been a 3rd grade teacher. Your bubble letters and hearts were spot on.

  3. Treadstone

    @Skipper nice idea. This is something I’ve been wanting to do at my beer runs #BeerRunThursday.

    I was so intrigued by the trail, I’m going for some extra credit this afternoon after work and finish what we started. Should be easier with more daylight and without a pack of hounds.

  4. Treadstone

    @Nanny I made to your house this afternoon and I couldn’t find any chalk. Can you pass along a Happy Birthday to the M from Treadstone?
    @Skipper Were there further instructions after Nanny’s house or were we suppose to turn around and repeato?

    1. The Nanny

      @Tread. Further proof that all roads lead to Nanny’s house…. We had taken it up to Millstream before backtracking to look for you guys. PS – your extra mileage has been credited to your account.

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