Healthy Eating Challenge – Pre Blast!

Healthy Eating Challenge
This is a 6 week program where you eat healthy and eliminate one food type per week (see details below). It will begin on Monday, May 4th. Men are encouraged to comment on Twitter and to track their progress on MyFitnessPal. There wil/ be weekly encouragement and suggestions. Additional details will be provided in the backblasts and you can contact Pharaoh for more details.

HC(Hard Commit) below!

No Fried Food
No Fast Food (inc. Pizza)
No processed snacks like Potato Chips, Candy Bars, Etc. (a post will be coming with good alternatives)
No Dessert
No Sodas or Sweet Tea
No Cheeses (including shredded, feta, or slices. Get it off your sandwiches and salads)(Cottage cheese will be allowed)
No Cream Based Sauces/Dressings (This Includes Fat Free Options for Ranch, Caesar, Alfredo, Etc.)
This leaves many food and drink items available – no one will go hungry! Just eat/drink better.
You will receive ONE free pass per week – this could be a steak dinner, a pizza, etc. – no carryovers though, the pass can only be used that week – try to use your weekly pass in moderation.
And just so you can plan ahead with groceries, here are the cumulative challenges:
Week 2 (and on) – No Red Meat
Week 3 (and on) – No Breads
Week 4 (and on) – No Pork
Week 5 (and on) – No White Starches (Potatoes, Pastas, White Rice. We’ll talks about substitutes)
Week 6 – No Dairy or Things Cooked in Butter

HC(Hard Commit) below!

UPDATE: Here is something you can print and put on the side of your fridge. It should help you and your M when it comes to grocery shopping: 2015 Spring 6-Week Healthy Eating Challenge

12 thoughts on “Healthy Eating Challenge – Pre Blast!

  1. GentleGrizzly

    HC – Maybe this time I’ll beat you with weight loss Pharoah, you beat me by less than a pound last time.

  2. The Nanny

    Hey what are some other names for what this style of eating (hopefully will be more than a diet) is called? Paleo? I need to do some research to find out what foods ARE allowed so I can determine if this is something I can commit to or not…. The biggest kick in the teeth is the no pizza…closely followed by red meat, pork, and sweets. I didn’t see any strikes against beer….

    T-claps to Pharaoh for stepping up to Q this.

  3. Pharaoh

    Welcome everyone! I am on MyFitnessPal as F3Pharaoh. I am excited that we are doing this healthy eating challenge again as I found it quite beneficial last year.

  4. Cinder Block

    I’m an HC on this, we’ll see how long I can last. I figure I can live off of coffee and beer for at least a month… (Cinder Block)

  5. Coyote

    Hey Guys! So glad to see this happening! I know that I am just getting back into F3 but I have already seen results from basic concepts like this (7 pounds down already). The key thing to this is just consistency. We can all do ANYTHING for 6 weeks!

    I am getting married on October 3rd and I have to get down to my Calvin Klein model physique so I am definitely a HC.

    If you guys need any help with this, I have a lot of clients that come to me at the gym with the same concern….what can I substitute, what is okay, why are these bad? We are a community of brothers here to all help each other so let’s get these pounds off!

    I have been in talks with Dingo about getting a community F3 “bioelectrical impeadance” device. What it does is it sends small signals through your body to measure body fat %. We are definitely going to have a time for everyone to get measured so that we can track, not only pounds lost, but body fat % lost too!

    Let’s get it men! As one!

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