“We’ve banned the 10-count”

18 strong men conquered their fartsacks and came out for a random assortment of exercises.

The thang:
Jog around parking lot for warm up:
SSH x20
Merkins x10
air squat x20
burpees x10

Zig zag across parking lot lines: up, shuffle right, back, shuffle right, etc. across while parking lot.
*In an attempt to take a quick breather, Bull informed us that the “10-count has been banned!” =)

Mosey to the field:
1. Partner wheel barrows — switch halfway — plank.
2. Partner carry — plank.
3. Bear crawl halfway — crab walk halfway — plank.
4. Sprint across field — plank.
5. Bunny hop across field — plank.
6. Sprint across field — plank.

Mosey over to the TIRES:
(Partner up, 2-3 men per tire)
Set 1: circle merkins (merkin position, hands on tire): 1 merkin — shuffle right — 1 merkin — shuffle right — etc. until 10 merkins completed.
Set 2: (on tire) 10 dips — 10 decline merkins — 10 jump-ups
Set 3: circle merkins to 10
Set 4: (on tire) 10 dips — 10 decline merkins — 10 jump-ups
Set 5: (merkin position, hands on tire): cadence count to 10 – on each count, switch directions. Basically, just get dizzy.
Flip tires back to storage.

Mosey back to field for same as before but in reverse order:
1. Sprint across field — plank.
2. Bunny hop across field — plank.
3. Sprint across field — plank.
4. Crab walk halfway — bear crawl halfway — plank.
5. Partner carry — plank.
6. Partner wheel barrows — switch halfway — plank.

Mosey back to home base for some MARY:
crunchy frog x10
Freddie mercury x15
mason twist x10
LBCs x15
J-Lo x15

1. Strong work to Padre and Clueless (and perhaps others?) who ran a few miles beforehand. I can’t comprehend getting up that early. =)
2. 18 is a strong showing! Great work today fellas – and thanks for being flexible on the new tire exercises.
3. Make it a great day!

10 thoughts on ““We’ve banned the 10-count”

  1. BBQ

    Thanks for leading today @Sundial. Good to see a good turn-out on a brisk morning. Even a @Billy Goat sighting. Good talking with you a little this AM.

    As for the 10 count…AGREED, it’s nonsense. If we aren’t breathing hard then we aren’t getting stronger.

  2. doublecheck_MECA

    I’ve been dealing with back pain, but I plan to be there Thursday. See everyone in the Gloom! Maybe I’ll come by happy hour tomorrow, too.

  3. Billy Goat

    Good lead @SunDial, always appreciate the hate for cold weather and bare hands across the frozen tundra….ok, not frozen, but cold enough.

    And yes @BBQ, the weather was below my rule of “Age + 10degrees” but glad it warmed up quickly and enjoyed the fellowship brother.

    @Padre, great job on the partner up!

  4. Clueless

    Nice lead @SunDial… always interesting to see what you throw into the mix.

    @Othello asked about THE BEAR… that obviously predicates a HC. @OZ was there… so he’s in too.

  5. OZ

    Nice job SunDial. When we got to the field I moved away from 2 guys I can’t keep up with, Bull and BBQ, just to get Clueless. Can’t keep up with him either. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

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