Concord – Penguin Race II

1.0 Workout

Take off for Calvary Lutheran Campus
CottonPickers 15X
MountainClimbers 15X

Circuit: (partner up & repeat till you wretch or time for Mary. Increase painstations by 2 each lap)
Run to top of steep drive
Jump playground fence
LBC’s 8X
Jump fence on opposite side and stop in main driveway
Burpies 8X
mosey to guardrail at end of parking lot
dips 8X
run along side of pastoral offices
climb over brick wall at a/c exchange
run to 3 Crosses in front
Kneel & Stand 8X
run to brick church sign
merkins 8X then climb over sign
return to bottom of driveway.

2.0 workout
Mosey through parking lot:
Middle parking lot-butt kickers
-walking soldier
-high knee skip
Lower parking lot-
25 side straddle hops
20 Imperial storm troopers
20 prisoner squats
20 plank jacks

Two partner up- one does sit up with sandbag and then hands sandbag to partner to do military press with sandbag. The solo man does tire flips up to three parking spaces and back. Once flipper is back , rotate.

After round one-15 curls, 15 military press, 15 skull crushers, 10 merkins.

Repeat add fourth parking spot for flipper.

After round 2 15 curls, 15 military press, 15 skull crushers, 10 Merkins.

Repeat add fifth parking spot for flipper.

LBC’s 30X
Brazillians 20X
Mason Twists 20X

Nakedman moleskins:

38 degrees? Really? (Its the end of April already, but you’ll be beggin’ for 38 degrees in a few short weeks).
Nice turnout of pax.
Lots of dew in the grass so we were able to hydrate as we worked out.
Turn your head when doin’ merkins in long grass or floss your nostrils if that works for you. (Hey Grover – if you’re looking for growing the business…);
Thanks to Calvary Lutheran Church for letting us crash their campus for a beatdown (we left it as good as when we got there).
Thanks to the pax for the pleasure of bustin’ their ba##s this morning (no nads were harmed in the making of this backblast)