Under the Lights

The gloom was less gloomy and more bright on this cloudy Saturday, but angels from above were heard singing as we ran past the gate down into the stadium and quickly stopped upon seeing it was unlocked.  Really?????  We’re going to the big game?  Hitting the field?!!  And away we went.

The Thang:

  1. Nanny took the initial Q and we did frog hops up the stadium steps followed by 10 merkins at bottom.  Then reverse spiderman up and 10 merkins at bottom.  Then we sprinted the stadium stairs followed by dips.  Then it was off to the plush artificial track surface for Four Corners (10 x CDD, 15 x merkin, 30 x air squat, 40 x LBC).  Lunge walk back to bleachers and stretch out and parallel crawl up the hand railings.  Then I handed the reigns to Gordo.  Say bye, bye to nice formatting.  No time for that!

Indian Run around football field sideline – 1 lap

Gather at one end zone and do the following:

  • One PAX runs 100+ yard to the other end zone while the rest of PAX do an exercise until the runner returns. Runner decides on the next exercise for the PAX. A different runner goes until all PAX have ran
  • Exercises chosen
    • SSH (Gordo)
    • LBC (Sugar)
    • Can’t remember the others… (maybe not important to list unless you remember)

Mosey to the other end zone and plank

Round 1

  • Bear Crawl to 20 yard line
  • Crab Crawl to 30 yard line
  • Backward Run to 50 yard
  • Bear Crawl to 30 yard line
  • Crab Crawl to 20 yard line
  • Backward Run to end zone and plank

Round 2

  • Bunny Hops to 10 yard line
  • Lunges to 30 yard line
  • Sprint to 50 yard line
  • Bunny Hops to 40 yard line
  • Lunges to 20 yard line
  • Sprint to End zone

Round 3

  • Side plank walks to 10 yard line
  • Other side plank walks to 20 yard line
  • Sprint to 50 yard line
  • 15 Merkins on 50 yard line
  • Side plank walks to 40 yard line
  • Other side plank walks to 30 yard line
  • Sprint to End zone and plank

Alcatraz requests to Q

Mosey to high jump area

In cadence we will reverse the 4 corners pain stations but while the PAX does the exercises, on PAX will do a body flip on to the high jump pad and crawl to the otherside.  The PAX will join the group exercises and another PAX get his turn to do the body flip.

  • 40 LBCs
  • 30 Air Squats
  • 15 Merkins
  • 10 Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey to bleachers

  • 15 Incline Merkins
  • 15 Derkins with slow count as directed by Alcatraz

Mosey to parking area with a jail break called by Alcatraz at the end.  Smokey wins.

Peoples Mary

  • Rosalita (Gordo)
  • Scissors (ONJ)
  • Backblast writer spaced out
  • WWI situps (Gordo)

Pretzel Crunch (ONJ)

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. It was a TREAT to be in that stadium “under the lights.”  Nicest Mary surface EVER!!
  2. People’s Q worked out great.  I know it is good practice for someone like me who prefers to pre-script out every minute of my Q’s.  I need work on leading on the fly.
  3. Great Q’s from Gordo and Alcatraz (and then I had to leave to head home for some early morning stuff).

4 thoughts on “Under the Lights

  1. Sugar

    Really enjoyed my first (but definitely not my last) Highlands Saturday beat down! Great workout and it was really nice to meet some new PAX. The additional 15 min makes a big difference! Thx to all who Q’d! Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Alcatraz

    It deserves a mention that @ONJ almost killed me as his high speed sprint couldn’t make the turn during the Indian Run. He’s a dangerous man! #Respect

    Thankful to make a downPAINment with the PAX!

  3. Gordo

    The football field was a nice treat. Thanks for leading us That way Nanny!

    Good to see the PAX Saturday morning!

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