Tradition Tag Team Homer to Marge

29 men, including a strong contingent from @F3Tradition, got in a solid workout just before the rain came

The Thang

Mosey to west side of park for warm-o-rama


Side straddle hop, Windmill, Imperial Storm Trooper, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Air Squats

Mosey to terraced hill for five sets of:

– Bottom – five hand release burpees, then bear crawl to middle

– Middle – ten jump squats , then bear crawl to top

– Top – ten diamond merkins

On football field ….three sets of:

– broad jump 30 yards, then run the remaining length of the field

– return – lunge walk 30 yards, then run remaining length of field

– jump squats x 10, head-tap merkins x 10, air squats x 10

Mosey to library steps and split into 2 groups at the 2 sets of stairs for 2 sets of:

– bunny hop up steps, then lunge walk on ram back around to bottom of steps

Indian Run to picnic shelter in 2 groups

In shelter…3 sets of:

– incline merkin x 10, decline merkin x 10, dips x 10 , step-up x 10 (each leg)


– LBC, Low flutter, W, WWII sit-ups

– Forgotten Jelly took us out with Tradition tag-team extended Homer-to-Marge

Naked Moleskin

Super work out there men!…thanks for the opportunity to lead

Thanks to the really big contingent from Tradition for making the trek to the Harrisburg AO this morning

@Padre took the broad-jump title hands-down….he had the momentum going with those long and quick jumps

YHC was regretting asking for Tradition to take us out at Mary when @Forgotten Jelly came up with Homer to Marge which was extended by Iceicle’s and a few other Tradition pax’s slooow ten counts

Tclaps to all those who doubled-down with the Bull run at 6:00 am

Coffeeteria was great too….thanks @Hootie for arranging for the coffee jug. La Unica’s patio upgrade really fits the bill for coffeeteria too.

Wings of Eagles is hosting a Heal Our Heroes retreat this weekend…I am sure the handrails and ramp that @F3MeCa Pax built are holding up well.








9 thoughts on “Tradition Tag Team Homer to Marge

  1. Hootie

    Good lead Minnow. Nice to have the Tradition crew join us. Enjoyed the extended 2nd F at coffee.

    Looks like Riptide is MIA from BB. He was there. Ask Solo Cup.

    1. SSMinnow Post author

      Thanks, @Hootie….so noted and corrected….don’t want to leave a double-downer out (or any Pax for that matter)

  2. Dingo

    Aye! Good lead SS minnow! Was great to get out and check out how another AO does this thing called F3! Really enjoyed the workout and great coffeeteria afterwards! In a Mexican restaurant of all places! Did they even know we were there??

    Tradition men will travel! Lookout other F3 AO’s we may just come your way!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Enjoyed my time with our Harrisburg brothers. Great AO you have. Don’t worry, the tradition and precinct guys also seem to not like my homer to marge exercise.

  4. Man Down

    Great Q SS Minnow! @Harrisburg Pax, thanks not only for welcoming us into your fold today, but inviting to coffeeteria afterwards! I noticed Funky Bunch among the Pax list, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear his incessant mumble chatter today!

  5. Gamma

    Great workout, @SSMinnow. The hand release burpees and and head tap mericans were nice additions.

    Tradition/Precint pax, thanks for making the trek to Harrisburg and hanging out for coffeeteria. I’m sure @FunkyBunch was with us in spirit, or maybe we could just hear him from wherever he was.

    @Dingo, I think the cleaning people at La Unica know we’re there, but just not sure what to do with us. It was nice of them to put in a roof for us, though.

  6. The Farm

    Great seeing some faces I haven’t seen in awhile and meeting some new guys! Great AO and pax. Please spread the word about Davis Lake to men in that area that you know!

  7. Buckwheat

    Great lead @SSminnow! You started off with the two things I hate most: Burpees and Bear Crawls, up hill no less…. I knew it was gonna be a good one after that!

    It was nice to meet the Harrisburg Pax and experience your great AO. Enjoyed coffeteria too. Thanks for allowing us to tag along for that! Hope everyone has a good Murph Monday!

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