Shhhhhhhhh, you’re too loud

17 non-fartsackers woke up for the Ridge, while residents of North Carolina and the surrounding 49 states woke up with loud cadence counts. (X = in cadence)


4 Corners Mosey around parking lot, circle up for disclaimer…..after 4th set, PAX count of by 3’s

  1. SSH X 25, IST X 15
  2. OYO Big Arm Circles (forward/reverse), 10 X Merkins
  3. ISQ X 10, Slow Windmill X 10
  4. Mtn Climbers X 10, Plank Jacks X 10


To the Wall

  • Peoples Chair :30 sec, Wall Jumps :30 sec (REPEATO)
  • LBC X 10, W (with feet on the wall) X 10, Freddie Mercury X 10

Mosey to parking lot and go to parking lot curbs

  • 10 Curb Jumps, 10 Incline Merkins, 10 Decline Merkins, jog to first light pole and plank
  • Sprint back to first parking lot lines, then mosey remaining distance back to curbs
  • 10 left leg Curb Jumps, 10 Incline Merkins, 10 Decline Merkins, jog to second light pole and plank
  • Sprint back to second parking lot lines, then mosey remaining distance back to curbs
  • 10 right leg Curb Jumps, 10 Incline Merkins, 10 Decline Merkins, jog to third light pole and plank

Mosey to front of school entrance

  • All groups go by 3’s cadence count (do this rotation 2 times)
  • 1’s – Step Ups on benches
  • 2’s – Curp Jumps
  • 3’s – Plank Jacks X 10

Mosey to the Ridge

  • Circle up – Plank Jacks X 10 and then repeat the below rotation when all groups have done each stop once
  • 1’s Weav around trees to stop sign
  • 2’s Over the Ridge, 1 burpee on other side, come back over Ridge
  • 3’s Mosey to walk-way entrance near school and back to Ridge
  • After finished with above rotation, PAX line up on Curb for 10 X Incline Merkins and 5 X Decline Merkins
  • Sprint over the Ridge and 1 Burpee on other side

Line up in groups, sprint to first island, mosey to next island, sprint to Mary


  • LBC X10
  • W X 10
  • Low Dolly X 10
  • High Dolly X 10
  • Low Flutter X 10
  • SSH X 10
  • Plank Jacks X 10
  • Plank :45 seconds (at :15 sec right arm up for :5 sec, at :30 sec left arm up for :5 sec)


  • Thanks for humbling me by showing up for my lead…..took a page out of @SunDial’s page and forgot my watch, t-claps to @Othello and @Clueless for the time keeping!
  • Only mumble chatter I heard was that the Q was too loud with cadence counts and that people in Mt. Pleasant will wake up….additionally heard someone say, Billy Goat is angry.  Love it.
  • One of the staple events in Harrisburg starts next Friday with Movies in the Park showing Big Hero 6, get with @Padre for additional details as F3 video will be shown prior to movie and FiA is planning on being out there prior to the start
  • @Chaos held true to his name by flying past the PAX yelling something out his window, it was probably another mention of Spartan Super (as he did in COT)
  • Please lift up in your prayers for my best friend’s mom Cheryl Cobb



9 thoughts on “Shhhhhhhhh, you’re too loud

  1. Gamma

    Great lead, @BillyGoat. Loved the constant motion. There was plenty of chatter, you just couldn’t hear it over all your yelling. #angrygoat

  2. BBQ

    Ha, sounds just like him. Nice lead @BillyGoat. Agree with @Gamma that the constant motion was good to get my stiff legs going today.

    Good to see @Marie back out today. Glad to have you part of the Harrisburg PAX.

    @PAX – see @Padre or me for details on Movies in the Park, May 1st. We want to #EH (#EmotionalHeadlock) more guys in the Harrisburg area to checkout F3. Movies in the Park is a great way to spread the word. If you’re going to be there with your family let me know. Wear your F3 shirt. Don’t have one? Let me know that too. I’ll be out by 5:30PM, come then or anytime before the movie starts at dark.

  3. Billy Goat Post author

    Too funny, gotta love the goat….except the one from 1945 of course. Gotta keep moving to keep the heart rate up, glad it worked, although didn’t get to a part I had planned that @Tumbler saw me checking on prior to 0530. Oh well…next time.

  4. Clueless

    Good stuff @BillyGoat! You always keep us guessing (and moving). Thanks for the lead!

    @SunDial – thanks for the beetle removal. I didn’t hear the crunch… or as @BBQ put it… “the Little Beetle Crunch (LBC)”

  5. SunDial

    You know it’s been far too long when you look at the last comment and ask yourself, “who’s Nautilus?” #shame

    Good to be back out boys, and great lead Billy Goat. Time to get back in shaaaaaape.

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