It’s me… Again!

19 dudes got what would be the 2nd helping of Winnebago Q this week at Highlands. No WIBs today, got to shake things up ya know.

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Middle lot

SSHx 25

Cotton Pickers x 10

Arm Swings and circles

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Bicycle Racks and Benches

Decline Merkins x 12 IC

Dips x 10 IC

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Peoples Chair with Air Press then hold the chair another 30 seconds

Balls to the wall as long as possible- @Derby was victor with a very strong effort by @Hammer

5 to 1 Burpee ladder up the big hill near the track (that hill was a hazard)

Jog to the Pods up and over just for fun

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Line up at one side of bus parking lot.


1st BBall Goal and Back

2nd and back

3rd and back

4th and back

All the way to the end and recover (@Mortimer and @Derby won this and it wasn’t even close)

Walk to playground

Mini Chelsea

5 rounds of 5 Pullups, 10 Merkins and 15 Squats

On your bellies

Triathalon Training

Breastroke from Prone

Freestyle from Prone

Repeato (this is one of the most surprisingly exhausting exercises, strats easy and then the burn comes)

Freddie Mercury x 40 IC

Dead Cockroach (feet at 90 and reach up shoulder blades of the ground and hold) as long as you can. Not sure who lasted the longest but great effort by all

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Picnic tables box jumps x 15 some people had bigger boxes (*cough* Derby *cough* Nanny) than others

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Run back down Shelly to HC Pkwy and through Cut through to parking lot.

Mary was short due to other Ab work and time

@Dropcloth Low Flutters x 15 IC

COT Chonchito closes us out in a wonderful way

– Again, glad to be back great group of guys getting after it

– Sorry if you were disappointed there was no WIB, just felt like doing something different and a tour around the AO, also couldn’t figure out how to include the Pods up and over into a WIB

-Speaking of climbing the pods is just fun makes me feel like a kid again, but dads don’t bring your kids to the pods ask @Pavarotti

-@Chonchito I hope I am spelling that right, I am just guessing. Thanks for closing us out, all the best for your family and your son. I have battled depression as long as I can remember and it is tough hand to be dealt for the person battling it and those who love them.

-Men if you don’t want to keep seeing me leading and breaking out some stupid WIB go sign up to Q, never done it before? Just do it, don’t worry about how you will do, I have laid down some stinkers but we always have a a great time and you will feel great for doing it. Signup here search for

Til next time.



8 thoughts on “It’s me… Again!

  1. The Nanny

    @Winnebago. If you read up on “how to lead a workout and post a backblast” you will find that your lead today hit all the marks. An exceptionally well led beatdown. Nice job.

    @Mortimer @Derby. Man, I was feeling pretty good after hitting the hillside ladder hard and thought I would have no issue staying with the front during suicides, but you guys killed it. Anyone trying to hang with you was going to have to suffer pretty bad.

    @Bunny. You said you would post and so you did. I don’t take that for granted. There are many men who don’t have that integrity of word. Glad to share the gloom with you.

    @Conchito. Ditto to @Bago’s comments. Solid BOM close out and thanks for sharing some of your burdens with us – we your brothers want to support you any way we can whether in prayer or in action.

  2. Murdoch

    Awesome beat down today @Winnebago! So I get home and I try to sneak through the bedroom to go shower and my 4 year old daughter, Reagan, has come downstairs and taken my place in bed with my wife, Liz. Reagan stirs when I trip over something and says “Daddy, where did you go?” I replied with “I was out climbing over ocean containers.” Her response – “Only a super hero could climb over the ocean.” …. Me in my head “Your damn right kid. A bunch of super heroes.” So, I hope every one of the 19 who posted today goes out there knowing the they played the part of Jason Bourne this morning before most people woke up.

    @Sandman. Keep it up. I see you running longer and stronger every week.

    1. The Nanny

      @Murdoch That is awesome! I need to make sure I tell my crew about how we were leaping over ocean (containers) in single bounds this morning.

  3. Winnebago Post author

    Thanks @Nanny it was fun leading it, was truly shocked how fast it went. Typing it out I realized we really did a lot of stuff.

    I realized this morning there is no way to silence @Chopper, and it is a good thing. During the suicides he was all like “man this is great! Thanks man!” not sure if that was real or sarcastic. He was certainly missed during his hiatus.

    In just the few weeks back I can see growth in some of the newer guys. You will be shocked at the progress you can make.

  4. Pox

    What, a double down winnebago Q week at Highlands??? If the Pax doesn’t step up, Pox may be forced to make a return to Highlands for a Q…You’ll have to show to know

    1. Winnebago Post author

      Pox! Do it come on back. I have still not managed to do the Mazda Push.

      For the record I thought I only signed up for today but apparently signed up for Tuesday as well and only knew because signupgenius sent me a notice. I don’t mind at all and by the looks of the Q calender I may have to sign up for more.

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