Downtown Spring Stroll

Cool 46 degree morning….awesome….11 Pax gathered together


– Mosey throughout downtown with exercise stops

– Stop 1 -SSH x 20 IC

– Stop 2 – SSH X 20 IC, Air Squats x 15 IC

– Stop 3 – SSH x 20 IC,  Air Squats x 15 IC, Merkins x 10 IC

– Mosey to bottom of County Lot by 5/3 Bank

The Thang

– Break into 3 Groups for 3 Stations

– Station 1 – Group does SSH while each man does a 25 yard Farmer’s Carry with (2) 62 lb buckets of drywall mud.  Repeat until each man takes a turn up and down hill

– Station 2 – Air Squats

– Station 2 – Merkins

– Station 1 was the Timer.  Once that group completed the task, rotate stations. Repeato x 2

– Mosey to Mary with Quadamania to top of parking lot


No time for Mary as all Pax returned to CW at exactly 6:15


Great morning…cool but still a good sweat.  Worked cardio, arms and legs. Wednesdays are picking up size-wise which is good to see.  Keep Indiana’s M (wife, Terri) in your prayers as she is having some Ticker Trouble.  Welcome to Gung Ho, a Concord resident that has been attending a Huntersville PAX.  Always a great effort by you guys…a pleasure to lead.

Aye, Hipbone